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For Verdi

You noted having trouble with Temperance, Devil and Judgment. I can see how these cards could be difficult for anyone at first glance. In our modern life it seems that we seldom take the time to have quiet moments and let our minds wander where they may. I can't remember a specific time when I last thought about Temperance as a topic, although I am quite moderate in much of my own social discourse.

In one of her other books, Reversals, Mary Greer notes that the process of attaining balance might mean making continual adjustments. Process. This, to me, suggests that we have to develop, work at, consider and assess how we are moving towards this card's meaning. It becomes part of us rather that us adopting a view or stance by making a decision.

The Devil is a card I can understand as we all have our obsessions, large or small, from time to time. I think that is normal for many of us as we manage to keep these obsessions within narrow bounds. I do remember one lady being highly upset at the suggestion that she was involved in holding onto obsessive behavior in a relationship. That was an issue that was "off the (reading) table." How can you do a reading around a hole in the story? The Devil can have a sort of "hole" attached it in terms of what it keeps out of our lives.

Isn't Judgment so much like self-satisfaction when we look back on something in our life that quietly changed us or challenged us. We realize within ourselves that we have grown. I haven't seen this card in a reading as an external or "other" form of approval. Just as a "Hey, I'm ok" card. But, I can see the card as a resolution of some sort to Temperance versus Devil issues. At this point, I am exploring the Hermit card from the Fey Tarot, which is taking me outside of the thoughts about this card as seen in the Waite-Smith tarot deck. Dave
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