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I'm sorry I didn't answer this at the time you posted it. I didn't see it.

I did ultimately take this card out of my deck just because I can't stand to look at it.

I don't believe this man was a Master. You can tell to look at his eyes, for one thing. I believe he was a brilliant man who studied many religions and who may have personally endorsed Zen for his own principle beliefs. But I believe he capitalized on that belief system because it's full of such deep personal truth for so many people. He corrupted the belief system, however, to gain his own ends and in the end, I think he was not at all representative of a Zen Master.

Nothing is all black or all white, however, and I don't believe that this deck should be thrown away like a baby with the bathwater because of that. I think Ma Deva Padma's representations are still deeply full of rich truth. In some cards, it's quite blatant how Osho's followers were taught to feel about government, social mores and morality, but I still love the deck and aside from the Master, I have no argument with it.
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