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Ooh, a debate!!

I think we need to seperate the inspitation from the card from the artist here.

The card I like. More for it's meanings than it's content. A teacher doesn't teach, he shares: a like that. A master is only master of himself. Very true.

The imgae of Osho on the card does appear to be narcissistic, but then he's not the artist. How much input he had into the designs is anyone's guess. The image does appear to be cold and hypnotic, and I do find it offputting.

Don't know anything abotu Osho himself and vey little about his teachings, so no comment on the man. I'm of the opinion we was against "government, morality and social mores", as I would be myself, but without being taught to be. I come from a very conservative part of the planet and find all the 'institutions' very conformist.

Oh well. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

Now, for me anyway, onto the minors...
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