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Nope, no debate. Sorry.

In the book, Ma Deva says what a great influence Osho was on her creation of the deck. Even if she didn't say so, the very name of the deck would give it away, wouldn't it?

But what I didn't agree with was Osho capitalizing on Buddhist precepts to achieve his own ends, and his corruption of them as he presented them to his followers. He was very little different than a Jim Jones or a David Koresh. (Not that I believe what happened to Koresh was warranted, mind you.)

Don't get me wrong. I even agree with some of his judgments about things. But while on a personal level I may agree, I don't believe those personal beliefs should be done with what he did with them. I saw the harm he and his followers did. I live in Oregon, so I'm much closer to what happened than some. Ma Deva was his right-hand person at one time so what she says in the book is true about his strong influence in creation of the deck.

This morning I was reading what the book has to say about the Politics card and I do agree with what it says. I'm kind of radical that way. I've always been a revolutionary at heart. When I was 15 and seeing my friends go to Vietnam, I spotted the naked Emporer and haven't ever admired him.

Ssooooo----I stand by what I said about Osho, but love the deck and agree with some of the sentiments behind it. Most of all with the Buddhist concepts. But I do spot where it definitely espouses Rahjnishi "stuff" mixed in.
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