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Now I HAVE to go and find out more about Osho. I know very little, and what I do know I don't like very much which is why I never investigated any deeper. I do not like the master card and feel that the image makes me think of what (little) I know about Osho, which admittedly is more gut than investigation, and is unattractive to me. Oddly enough, the politics card was on the bottom of my deck the other day when I did a reading - and turned the deck over to see what the bottom card could add. I was quite horrified at the book meaning because it was so didactic - I mean, I have known priests who were real, caring, wonderful individuals, and I know a couple of politicians ditto, although admittedly they are at the lower levels of the pyramid, but in this country so many politicians appear to be corrupt! But I also agree in the main with what it said. And I must also add that the card in that particular reading made me really think very hard again about what I was doing and why.
I love the deck - it gives me magical readings. Perhaps knowing less about the man himself is better as it will not colour my perceptions, and when I read in the book certain ideas I entirely disagree with, I can consider why that is so, and then find my own way. Maybe I should throw the book away and go on my own instinct! But I still want to know why some of the images are as they are, or at least why they were intended to be that way.
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