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I have thought about this also quite a lot. The question popped up here, concerning playing card suits and elements:

It's interesting that the French suit of Kreuz (Clubs) is called Treff in many areas of Germany - my grandmother used to call it Treff. I'm sure that's from the French word. And diamonds are of course Karo.

Herz (oldfashioned: Coeur), Kreuz (or Treff), Pik and Karo are the German words for the French suits - taken one to one from French and so etymologically, nothing new for me to add.

But I ask myself how the German and French suits go together. You can see them here

But is that really the right way to sort them?

You may like Huson's book Mystical Origins of the Tarot - he devotes a lot of thought to the origins of the suit names and their comparison.

According to Huson:

Mamluk Coins = Italian Danari = old French Clover = Modern French clover leaves (Clubs) = Spanish Oros = German Bells

Mamluk Cups = Italian Cups = old French Hearts = Modern French Hearts = Spanish Cups = German Hearts

Mamluk Swords = Italian Swords = old French Spades (piques) = Modern French spades = Spanish swords = German leaves

Mamluk polo sticks = Italian batons = old French tiles (carreaux) = Modern French diamonds = Spanish cudgels = German acorns

These are playing card suit, the question is, how do they go together with tarot suits and elements? Coins are made in fire, just like swords, and wood for the cudgels grows from the earth - it's really a matter of decision which system makes most sense to you.

But if you look at the historical development, I think there is no doubt that Coins/Tiles (carreau) become Pentacles, Hearts are Cups, Piques are Swords and Batons are Wands.
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