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TotOP - III - The Empress

What the Eye Sees

The Empress is sitting on the edge of a wood. It is a little further down from where we saw the High Priestess standing. We can see the same stream working its way further towards the sea. A stag is standing in-between the trees at the edge of the wood. Three wood pigeons are flying around and one of them has landed upon the Empressís throne. The throne has a blue oval shaped back. A robin is perched beside the Empress, a lamb is looking up at her, a hare sits beside her, and a moth flutters at the very base of the card. There are a number of plants, flowers and fruits at her feet, including ears of corn.

She sits sideways on, at the right hand side of the card, with one bare foot stretched out towards the left most corner. This is relevant as the Emperor adopts the mirror image of this position and posture in his card.

The Empress is young and beautiful, with long flowing blonde hear. Her dress is green. She holds a pole with a Lotus flower at the top. She wears the female Venus symbol upon her necklace and it also appears on a plaque next to her. She wears a gold crown with numerous stars on top. She is breast feeding a child and she is pregnant.
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