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Astrological Influence - Venus
Element - Earth, Air
Month - May, October
Contributor - Janet & Stwart Farrar

- Mistletoe ~ regeneration and restoration
- Cherries ~ associated with Venus
- Pomegranate ~ oneness with the universe, fecundity

This is card is my favourite Empress card. I think that traditional meanings of fertility and motherhood are very well expressed in this card, where the Empress is both pregnant and nursing a child. Yet, she still somehow manages to seem powerful and graceful.

I'm currently looking at her with the Emperor card beside. They make a striking pair, one obviously representing the feminine, and the other the masculine. In other decks, especially the Robin Wood, I see this sort of opposition between the Magician and the High Priestess, but in this deck it is moved more into these two cards. The Empress is full of symbols of the Goddess (the hare, the Venus symbols, the lotus, etc.). It also has a feeling of wildness and nature that has been brought under control, but not tamed. This contrasts nicely with the Emperor card, which will be discussed in the next thread.

The book refers to her as "Isis Veiled in the robe of nature". I'm a little unclear on this since I have not studied the idea Isis Veiled or Isis Unveiled.

I find myself drawn again and again to two aspects of this card. The first is her dainty bare foot sticking out from beneath her gown. One would expect an Empress to have beautiful jeweled shoes. But I think this lady would rather feel the grass beneath her feet, to stay in touch with nature. It could also be a nod to her ability to stay grounded, even with the power she holds. The other thing that draws my eye is her lotus wand. Obviously I have an affinity for lotus flowers. It is a flower the has been used by many cultures to symbolize beauty and purity, which are characteristics that are well suited to this Empress.
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