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Catching up again

I must admit to a general soft spot for the King of Pents. His association with Saturn in the Quantum might seem to emphasise the harsher part of his nature, but actually I feel its the other way around. Saturn gets a bit of a bad rap in astrology, but as someone who is Saturn-ruled with Saturn also in the 1st house, I'm quite good friends with the old b*gger!

Swimming - I love your assocation of Saturn's rings with saved weath & the stuff we gradually accumulate around us in our lives. Looking through the NASA images of the planets, I must say that the pictures of Saturn were by far and away the most beautiful (apart from Earth that is!).

For me, Saturn's hard lessons are almost always to do with distinguishing the accumulation of "stuff" with the accumulation of wisdom. For most of us, this is a lesson that is understood only slowly, with the advancing years...
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