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Yes I've been to Tintagel, I loved it as a place (Arthurian connections very dodgy to be frank) but Mr PW has a fear of heights and couldn't make it over the footbridge (is it still naroow and steep drops?) so I didn't spend as long there as I would have liked. What with him sat on the land side, looking abit lost, you know?
Boscastle I enjoyed too - although it was some years ago, they've been flooded since then haven't they, but I bet the new museum is even better.

I haven't seen a copy of the oracle, I would like to. I am wary of all the stuff the Matthews produce these days, there's so much, and so one wonders how 'deep' they've got, or whether it's just a money-spinning idea. But I've been working with their Arthurian Tarot for years now ( very slowly LOL) so I would like to see it sometime. Do you have it? (she asks wistfully)

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