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Are you feeling down too? Seems the cards this week are depressing ones or reminding me of depressing situations, is that just me?

As I was reading your take on this card and working conditions it made me think of Dire Straits...Industrial Disease. Did you know Parkinson's for sure is an Industrial disease and did not exist until the Industrial Age...I don't think there were any reported cases of this until the mid to late 1800's. And now Alzchiemer's is one of the most widely one we hear of it seems, heavy metals in the brain...and how did they get there but from the water we drink, the air we breath and food we consume? Oh hurray for western civilization and modern man, selling us death in a can or disposable container.

Are we working our life away, separating ourselves from the light of day, now that electricity means we can work all 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year and still can't afford a holiday? What will we have when we can finally say we are done? From the sounds of things here in the states, we look forward to working through our retirements as well, there won't be one. So funny, a few years back they were urging workers to retire early and now I just heard we are now advised not to, to work past our retirement age or we won't have the funds we will need to live on. God Bless America, because our politicians sure aren't doing it.

Darn it...I liked this card much better when I looked at it and saw myself sitting at the computer, and printing out bunches of cards and prints and getting them all nicely stacked and ready to market. It made me feel all industrious with visions of $ signs dancing in my head. Tonight I look at it and see my white haired, long haired, bearded old Viking biker out in his shop working on chrome spoked wheels for his Harley...and wonder about the chemical toxins in the air he breathed and thrived spiritually in, but ...
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