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Wayland does look rather lonely and sad, doesn't he? ... but perhaps he is just concentrating hard on his design. He looks as if he's been through a hard time ... he really needs to do something with his hair!

The Celtics believed that the earth was the Goddess' womb from which new life began, and in a way he is also a creator - at least he has the satisfaction of knowing that his craft is good and useful.

Although he doesn't look like much, I like the fact that the work of blacksmiths and magic were related, and I think that it also has a lot to do with the attitude we carry in to our work day - being determined to make the best of what we put our hands to, even if it is tedious ... it's what puts the bread on the table

For someone doing such a strong, masculine type of work, he does such delicate artwork, he must still have steady hands and good eyesight and be in touch with his creative side.
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