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Originally Posted by WalesWoman
Are you feeling down too? Seems the cards this week are depressing ones or reminding me of depressing situations, is that just me?
Thank you for asking WalesWoman. I wasn't intending to tackle this card as a depressing one, I just thought, "Well I'm almost finished my guided dreaming, the remaining upper Shields are done at the Study Group (its Queen tonight and King tomorrow and that's it!) so I'll just go back and fill in the Eight". But when I read Anna-Marie's "Deep within the earth, Wayland practices his craft", it reminded me of my recent experience of Toronto.

Toronto has an excellant subway system which forms a U-shape around the downtown core. Over the years underground malls have connected together between the subway stations, so it has become an advertised underground walkway system call PATH. I have the guide and map in front of me: this system connects 50 office towers, 6 hotels, 1100 shops and restaurants, 8 theatres and concert halls, the CN Tower, the SkyDome, the City Hall and so on. PATH uses 9 km of walkway - not including overlapping multi-levels.

I was staying at the Royal York Hotel at the southern end of PATH and wanted to visit "The World's Biggest Bookstore" just beyond the northern end. By using the PATH map I stayed in the comfort and safety of inside space and just had to dart across the street to the bookstore at the very end of the trip. It was wonderful not to have to go outside in the biting Toronto winter! But then I thought of the literally thousands of people who are deprived of daylight and/or fresh air on a daily basis - 120,000 workers in the office towers alone - and I wondered at what kind of world we are creating.

This is all part of the "Wasteland Experience" I am going through at the moment, which also relates to the expansion of Eirian Consciousness that I mentioned in the Legend: The Universe: The Giants' Dance thread. This is at heart a very good thing, a Hanged One/Death sequence, but its not always very comfortable!

Originally Posted by WalesWoman
Darn it...I liked this card much better when I looked at it and saw myself sitting at the computer, and printing out bunches of cards and prints and getting them all nicely stacked and ready to market. It made me feel all industrious with visions of $ signs dancing in my head. Tonight I look at it and see my white haired, long haired, bearded old Viking biker out in his shop working on chrome spoked wheels for his Harley...and wonder about the chemical toxins in the air he breathed and thrived spiritually in, but ...
Well I hope I didn't ruin it for you! Each card has its positives and negatives I guess. I must say I hadn't thought of the Eight of Shields negatives before. I do hope for the best for your Viking friend...

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