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Originally Posted by Lyones
The Celtics believed that the earth was the Goddess' womb from which new life began, and in a way he is also a creator - at least he has the satisfaction of knowing that his craft is good and useful.
Yes, when I first saw him I thought of Tolkien's noble dwarves and their unsurpassed artistry in the weapons of war. But I think that perhaps even Tolkien was making a comment on industrialization, its plusses and minuses, and its uses in mass violence. I think I'd rather be an elf any day!

Originally Posted by Lyones
For someone doing such a strong, masculine type of work, he does such delicate artwork, he must still have steady hands and good eyesight and be in touch with his creative side.
I think that his work is his life. That's why he doesn't care about his hair or his working conditions. Like so many artists, others tend to exploit the burning desire to create that possesses those who are the children of the muses, and Anna-Marie refers to this in her text. But it doesn't make the results of the artist's dedication, mastery, and intuitive integration any less breathtakingly beautiful and spiritually nurturing.
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