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Originally Posted by brenmck
Hi, Luna, TheOld, and Danubhe - Thanks for your interest. I planned to chime in tonight with thoughts on the Ace of Coins, but now I'm going through all my Symbols books to check out that rabbit (or "hare," if you prefer). The only two cards with the rabbit symbol (that I know of) are this Ace and The Fool, which I found really interesting. And how about the Coin resting on a mound rather than coming out of the sky?
As I understand it, we start a new thread for each card?

brenmck can go ahead and start the first thread when you are ready!

Just title it "Alchemical Study Group - Ace of Coins" (for example) and the moderators will add it to the main thread.

I am curious now about the connection between the Ace of Coins and the Fool....and will also be looking up the rabbit/hare in my animal books.

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