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Originally Posted by jaled
Which is the difference between this Osho Zen tarot and a well-known deck as, for instance, the Rider-Waiter one?


Are they equivalents? I always use the Marseille Tarot as a refencence because sometimes, it feels like all the other decks are based on it.
I sometimes make equivalents with the Zen Osho Tarot with the Marseille Tarot but in that case, I don't feel comfortable with that becuase I am sure that the meanings of the cards for the Marseille Tarot are different of the Zen Osho ones, I am not sure they can be 100% considered as equivalents. I'd have to go take a look at the Rider-Waiter Tarot because whenever I go in "Your Readings" and post one of my readings done with the Zen Osho Tarot, people use that one as an equivalent.
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