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Soul Shrinker

Wow, I was kinda surprised by how MANY picked him as their least favorite card. So I thought I'd dedicate a thread all to this misunderstood wonderful fae. I can feel him smile around me even now saying, wow, you'd do that for me? Of course sweetie, I adore you!

To continue on as he watches what I type, he is most curious on what I have to say about him, I said I was kinda surprised cause I can understand the look of him is rather threatening at first, but when I frist saw him, I don't know, I looked at him, my head went to one side gently as my eyes grew saddend. I told him to not worry about what others think of you, that you have a beautiful soul, and easily passed him up when doing my least favorite card. His eyes softend, and he smiled gently back. I knew then I would connect to this beautiful fae very well. I have yet to read his starter reading in the book, as I really enjoy just allowing them to tell me what they have to say.

I also found it really interesting that after many picked him as their least favorite card, then read about him, felt horrible that they picked him as their least favorite card. Soul Shrinker and I were hoping to see how many of you feel towards him now. He also says that it's ok that if you still find him as your least favorite, that he doesn't have to be recatagorized or anything. He was just wondering if any of you have changed how you see him at all, and I was wondering what kind of messages he's given you since, and if your original reaction to him has changed at all?

I have to admit though, I'm REALLY curious on what the book does say about him. I'm gonna go read about him. But I know what he means to me.

To me, Soul Shrinker is a protective fae. He helps us see what we do not, potential danger, or perhaps danger that is already there and not seeing it. He helps protect our homes, and those we love in and outside our homes. I think he really enjoys to play as most of them do. He was one of the fae that I sang to, and he was most happy to hear my song. I really enjoy having him around. I feel that the house is a little more safer with him here, and helps me feel more comfortable with contacting the celestial realms, as he will help protect me from what is bad, and help me contact what is good. I just could never see him as being my least favorite. I adore this wonderful fae creature! I think he's crying now with all the wonderful things that I had to say about him. If you have anything positive to say to him, then please, be sure to let him know, wether you post it or say it personally to just him. He doesn't hear enough positive things about him. Let him know that the message he has for you is just as treasured as any of the other faes.
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