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Beautiful posts, sag and Khat! I wish I had so much eloquence left in for poor little Soul Shrinker.

While I did not connect with him on the level you describe, sag, I also passed him up easily as my least comfortable card, although I still wasn't fond of him per se.

But, as I've posted about elsewheres here, I have come to see Soul Shrinker as a guardian of sorts ... as well as an extremely accurate mirror holder ... like Khatruman suggest. (And let me say that the English student in me loved going over Grendel's and the Creature's stories in conjunction to this thread ... inspired!)

I do believe that when we see Shrinker as a fiend, we are only projecting our own expectations, our own assumptions, on to him ... that we have yet again judged a book by the cover. So *so* often (of the past month) the Faeries have told me "look again," "look deeper," "look longer," because They aren't to be judged in a glance or in a gut reaction, but lived with instead. I've tried to honor that message each time.

When I welcomed Shrinker, I realized He wasn't there to hurt me at all ... which was only a projected fear of my own, that he would bring messages of doom or destruction. This taught me to re-evaluate situations when I feel threatened as well ... what exactly is it that I fear, I may ask myself when Shrinker reminds me to look deeper.

And, more importantly, can I overcome it? *That* to me is Shrinker's greatest gift to me ... look deeper, even if it frightens you, and find the strength, and realize you're not alone and you do have help. You can beat it.

May Queen Mab bless you mightily, Soul Shrinker!
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