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Yes, she is very beautiful, Jewel! Very queenly, too.

From the limited experience I have with him (I haven't drawn him yet, he wasn't my favourite or least favourite, but I have been looking at him/thinking about him a lot), Soul Shrinker feels quite young to me somehow, and very innocent. This may sound weird, I think it has to do with the coulours, the uneven teeth, etc. Ofcourse, then the Frankenstein;s Monster connection makes sense: that was really a big, blundering child, too, looking for love.

I don't think SS is ugly, just sort of unformed, like clay. Plus, he reminds of a 3 year old I know (who is beautiful, but has similar gaps between her teeth), and she is just really sweet and curious and a little shy sometimes.

This thread has started me thinking about seeing SS as a 'stronger' fae, protecting etc, but I don't think that will turn out who he is to me.

Lovely insights here, and this whole forum is a real motivator to keep playing with the fae!

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