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Originally Posted by Rallwedd View Post
Hello All Aeclectics!

I am only just on my first coffee and I saw that the Arkartia project was re-launched for us original backers (but the secret is out on Social Media) a day ahead of World Tarot Day tomorrow, which was the official public re-launch.

It seems to have already got 60% of funding in the first hour, and I am about to make my re-pledge now; although I want them to do at least one area on my deck-of-choice, the Tarocco Egiziano.

The new campaign page is

I can't see those quotes from "suberbacker" and I believe that they were answered, as I saw a reply I think. The "interesting novelty" of an App is deffo down to opinion, but I have a load of Apps on my phone and use them daily, so it is not an "ephemeral" thing for me.

I've been learning about the project and with several emails to the creators, so I can blog on it and I like to think of it as a massive immersive tarot experience with lots of new and original content delivered in a new and original way. I worked through their solo "Gated Spread" (did anyone else here?) and it was something very unique and I learnt a lot about Court cards and my own family - again, it was very new and not something I've seen anywhere else?

But yes, I also like a real deck - although this is something entirely different. I know they're using Ciro Marketti's "Tarot Decrotif" on the site, so there's a reading system built-in, but I see that sort of thing as an addition to my own physical Tarocco deck, not a replacement ;-)

It's great that so many people connected with the project are here to talk about it and I wish no ill will on it but rather was, like many others out there, trying to figure out just what it is that is was hoping to be other then a website, all be it a very pretty one. I'm just got seeing anything groundbreaking yet. There are many sites out there with original content and spreads, even here on AT people post original content and talk and share readings and trade so what was this one thing to do that hasn't been done? From the way it was coming off I would be more dependent on my phone for readings on understandings rather then develop the skills to read the cards just thrown down before me. I hope that you realize I'm not asking out of tone, or malice but if one wants to "invest" in something these are rather valid questions.

More tea anyone? A nice pot of Abbot blend tea is almost up. A fab local blend here in the Midwest that is light and pleasing.
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