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I'm not quite sure why my not understanding things about this is making me the subject of teasing and judgment. Chiro you yourself said that even you weren't quite sure what somethings were supposed to do and but yet feel free to belittle someone that isn't even connected to it for not understanding. Not looking for a fight or even a response. Just saying.

I brought up the concerns and comments from other backers based on the discussion here being about why the project has been canceled and was not successful in finding its original goal. Interesting enough there was a campaign just recently for a similar type of tarot app that also was unsuccessful in its funding. (. ) Gregory <hugs> please let me know if I should talk about that I'm a different thread as to not disrupt the conversation here :-). I have it as nearly an example of tarot apps struggling to gain a following. I ask questions to hopefully make those connected or backed it or will or won't back it want to have a discussion. With a resurgence in the historical decks and reading styles vs modern it asks the question as to what people are seeking out of the Tarot right now. We are in very interesting times.

Pots empty ....time to tend the roses I guess.
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