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Catelin Geofroy Lyon 1557-unique?

Hi Mari,
I too have seen the online references you direct our attention to. In addition, we find:
What source are these color versions scanned from? Book citations that discuss this deck, recogntition of the parallel in the Rosenwald between the Papesse of both, or discussion of the Virgil Solis as suit exemplar would be helpful. Above all, information about Catelin Geofroy the card maker(and son?) would be interesting. I have the Kaplan encyclopedias but they don't cover much here, and claims an Ace of Falcons,(see: K. II, p188, 197)
when the extant suits are parrots, lions, peacocks.

Michael Hurst's excellent site tells us:
"According to Michael Dummett, "The earliest known French reference to tarot cards is to their manufacture at Lyon in 1507." (TT 50.)

This makes me wonder about the nature of these decks in early 16th C. Lyon-and especially how the Geofroy's World card appeared on inspection.

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