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The twelve cards in color

Are shown as pictures but only briefly described in a gift book that ranges from $7.00 used to $14.00 new. My quote on the printed pack follows:

Chapter 2: The Popularization of Tarot: The 16th and 17th Centuries

The sixteenth century saw the spread of tarot outside of Italy and beyond the aristocracy. Although thousands of cards were printed in the sixteenth century, only a few survive, including twelve trump cards from a 1557 tarot deck by Catelin Geoffry, a celebrated card maker who worked in the French city of Lyons. Like most tarot cards made after 1500, his was produced from large, inked woodblocks that imprinted the designs for several cards at once on a large sheet of paper or cardboard. The cards were then colored by stencil or free-hand, and the sheet was cut into individual cards.
Numbers and titles first appeared on tarot cards in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; this development speeded the standardization of the tarot deck. The trumps are numbered in the Geoffry deck; and a deck printed in Parisin the seventeenth century carries not ony numbers at the bottom of each trump card but also names in French (with many unusual spellings), pages 106-25.
These two paragraphs are the only descriptions that I know of right now that might give a bit more information. The twelve cards in minature are pictured in color in the book with this description:...from Catelin Geoffry Tarot, c. 1557, Catelin Geoffrey n.d. Woodcut on paper, four and 7/8 inches by two and three and 5/8 inches or 12.5 x 6.8 cm) Museum fur Kunsthandwerk, Offenbach, Germany. The twelve cards pictured are the Montebank, Popesse, Empress, Emporer, Pope, Chariot, Hermit, Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, Lightening and Judgment.

The Art of the Tarot
Christina Oleson
ISBN 0-7892-0016-3

You should be able to order it at or The good thing about this book is that you have many other color copies of classic decks also included.

Hope this helps. I don't have any additional French citations, as most of my other reference are only dedicated to Ferarra of the 1400s.

Mari Hoshizaki
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