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Originally posted by firemaiden
Just to pour more oil onto the pan..... I LOVE the flowery border. HAHAHA
Well, Firemaiden, all I can say is pour in a bit more oil and I'll make pancakes all round!

I love all the different opinion - and while we will not act on all of it we will of course act on some - maybe more than I'm letting on ;_) and it's really good to hear it.

We have one terribly serious and sensible cat (who we hope will give birth to kittens in a couple of weeks, though afraid to say much as yet as last time something went wrong early in her pregnancy) and I think she will simply roll her eyes to the heavens when she sees these cards. She will be our fiercest critic!
But I bet she will come round when she realises she is in there - in the most lovely gown :-)
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