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I do think it's over the top and a somewhat adversarial approach. More appropriate for a high-paid professional who's going to have your life in their hands, not a tarot reader. (Also, I think some of the questions are too broad and philosophical to be answered. They're really discussion topics, from my perspective. Others are too nitpicky. Why does it matter if they use reversals?)

Depends on their personality whether they would be offended or want to take the time to reassure someone who's obviously distrustful (and probably skeptical) of professional tarot readers. A real con artist probably wouldn't give you honest answers anyway, would they?

If you don't trust readers after your bad experiences - or only want someone who reads the way you want them to read, down to the last detail - why make an appointment? Why not read your own cards and save your money? (That's what I do.) You could also get a reading here through an exchange or something, I'm sure.

Good luck though.
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