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Personally, I would shy away from asking a reader questions about how exactly they read. Each person will read differently. It's also way past the scope of a phone conversation.

You might try something like saying:
"I do read Tarot myself, and if your open to discussion after your reading,
That would be great."
Their response should give you a general idea as to how open they are about discussions regarding their reading styles, methods, and such.

The one about letting religion influence the reading IS important, though.
You might try the following:
"I've been to a few readers before who really let their religious and personal views become an obstacle. It really made me uncomfortable. I am looking for insight so I can work on things myself, and not spell-work or anything."
Just mentioning this will let them know where your boundaries are. Even if hey are the pressuring type, this lets them know up front that you are no-nonsense.
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