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Prediction and Solar Returns.

First, franniee, this thread hasn't yet addressed Solar Returns which I would place into Minderwiz's "short term" prediction grouping.

Second, there are solar returns and solar returns --- three types, actually. Tropical, Sidereal and precession-corrected Tropical (which is a lot like Sidereal). They are generally read differently from each other.

Third, relative to Tropical Solar Returns, there are several broad approaches that have been developed and practiced over the centuries. The Siderealists take a very different approach than what the Tropicalists take --- they focus on angles and a number of secondary and supportive charting techniques. My approach uses p.c. Solar Returns and a very different related set of daily charts.

In any of these several methods, the approaches that you have described seem unorganized and do not follow a logical or linear process.

I will be glad to discuss Solar Returns but I believe that Minderwiz may want to keep this particular thread devoted to prediction in general and not delve into one detail process. Perhaps another specialized thread would be best. Let us wait until tomorrow and see if he wants to compartmentalize the discussion of Solar Returns. Then, we can continue this discussion. Dave

PS: It seems unlikely that transiting Pluto would conjoin natal Pluto once one reaches adulthood---that would only occur at birth or in the first year of life.
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