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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
The two I mentioned, plus Donald Kraig covers it briefly in one of the "Eleven Lessons" in Modern Magic. Most interesting, though is this quote from his bibliography regarding Magical States of Consciousness by Melita Demming and Osborne Phillips:

"About the only decent book on Pathworking. The tapes which are associated with this book are beautiful."

I don't own it and have no clue about its availability at this point in time (it's from Llewellyn). I'm sure there are other books or chapters of broader books out there on this subject.

thanks barleywine! i have modern magick so i'll start there and then move on to shining paths etc. i'll do some research as well and report back if i find anything else that's newbie friendly magical states of consciousness is in print and available on amazon! yay
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