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first baby steps

Thank you everyone for your interest and support....

It seems as though the basics of pathworking are straight forward and it is mainly practicing that gets results.

To start off with if people can read this short article: (if the link doesn't work just type pathworking into google and it is the first link)

Maybe check out wikihow on lucid dreaming...

& Owlmoon513 on youtube's guidance for pathworking.

I think that should pretty much outline the basics and give us enough to make a start.....

If people are okay with that perhaps we could all start with the universe card, without applying it to the tree, simply trying stepping inside the card and exploring it, we will at least be beginning to actively try and develop skills.

It seems that beginning like that will help us develop the skills that can later develop into lucid dreaming and astral projection which are sometimes used when pathworking with the tree.

If people could either pm or respond here as to whether this sounds okay I would be grateful.

In essence it seems more useful to me to get practicing and share experiences and tips as we go and we can build on our experiences to later try pathworking with the tree of life....

a baby steps approach...(my apologies if this is too basic for some people, but i am assuming most of us have no prior experience and so I thought we should start by developing the basic skills.)

for anyone familiar enough with the tree to begin working there, I found some concise instructions in a couple of posts listed in the studying kaballah section of the forum.

Hope this helps...
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