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Ilbe has been following me!

I lost my housekeys a couple of days ago, which annoyed me because they have a keyring (a green rabbit since you ask!) my other half gave me. And of course it was annoying having to knock on the door to be let in.

Then at work (I work in a library) the key to the dvd cabinet went missing...coincidence??

I did a 3 card relationship reading- basically we have all the usual problems all couples get after living together for a few years, but this weekend we had a long, tipsy discussion which I felt brought us both closer. So I was feeling more positive about 'us' than I had in a while, and, trying to build on that I asked the faeries:

1.What does he bring to the relationship?
2.What do I bring to the relationship?
3.What does the relationship offer us both?

They answered:

1. Tobaira of the Waters
2. Spirit Dancer
3. Ilbe the Retriever

Tobaira is surrounded by any number of fae folk, laughing and splashing and joking- this is his friendly, open nature which is so good for me, shy person I am. He is also nurturing and fun like these water fae when he wants to be, although he can have a temper like boiling water sometimes!

Spirit Dancer is my spiritually questing side...when we were talking tipsily he said 'I know I get annoyed at you...but you are definitely the most interesting girl I have always been reading or thinking about some new crazy theory!' Hee, that sounds right..of course at my worst I am overemotional and obsessive...

I looked at Ilbe's laughing, sparkling black eyes and knew it was he who had been hiding the keys...I think he is trying to tell me he has recovered some of the feelings between us I thought were gone forever...some of the dreams and hopes I had when we had only been together a while and it was all fresh and exciting...that I need to be more careful and handle such things gently and respectfully, not carelessly as I have done...

So I stood up and loudly said 'Ilbe, if you have hidden my keys, I would like them back now please..I've learnt my lesson I promise!!'

I bet you already know I found my housekeys and bunny keyring on my closet floor where I already looked twice!! Ilbe says I looked but did not see. Well! I shall have to watch my pockets with him around....
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