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Hello Abrac.

Wow, I have never seen the Waite-Trinick images. I thank you for your article and introducing me. Your scholarly tone and approach are credible and I'm curious about your ultimate goal. Are you writing a book yourself? You've certainly compiled and shared some wonderful info here. As someone who is only just beginning to delve deep in the RWS, I found every tidbit new and exciting. Of course, I cannot find any copies of Mary K. Greer's book anywhere. If the internet is to be believed, there were only 250 copies produced, so no wonder. In any case, it is interesting to see (through those images and Temperance in particular) how Waite himself changed his attempts to communicate the information when prepared directly for GD members.

I suspect there is a conspiracy to keep the RT hidden away by the US games folks.... ((tongue in cheek... mostly))
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