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Mythic Tarot - Eight Cups

Psyche performs the final task that Aphrodite has given her – journeying into the underworld to retrieve a pot of Persephone’s beauty cream. She realizes that she may not survive the journey, leaving her sad and resigned. Behind her are eight neatly stacked golden cups.

  • voluntarily giving up hope for the future is the most difficult stage of Psyche’s journey toward her goal of relationship
  • she knows that no living mortal can return from Hades’ realm, yet she honors her commitment to Aphrodite and to love
  • the cups represent both her past hopes of reconciliation and her already completed tasks
  • nothing further can be done, and one must be willing to let go because nothing else can be done and start again
  • the underworld represents mourning and the relinquishing of control; it’s also the place where old attitudes die and are transformed
  • the act of letting go changes one because it is a submission to the will of the divine, in this case the goddess of love
  • her only hope is to abandon hope
Random Thoughts
  • abandon hope, all ye who enter
  • doing something that one dreads in order to honor one’s commitments and/or to attain one’s goal
  • sometime the only way to obtain that which is desired is to resign oneself to never getting it
  • being willing to die in order to get what one desires

The keyword/phrase I came up with doing my workbook exercises on 16 Nov 91 was "letting go".

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