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Join Date: 12 May 2011
Location: United Kingdom
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Originally Posted by Lulzaroonie View Post
Hi everyone, thanks for the kind welcomes
I am working with the Sharman-Casseli deck at the moment, but I am looking at adding the Aleister Crowley Thoth deck and also the 1JJ Swiss soon, I'm interested to see how the symbology differs and whether results will differ greatly, but for the meantime I am very happy with my S-C deck and getting to know it.
I only got a deck out of interest so I'm SO surprised to find that I feel such positive energy actually from my cards when I hold them, like in Harry Potter, it's how I imagine it would feel when a wand chooses the wizard
So far I only have the Sharman-Caselli and the Rider Waite decks so far, but I'll hopefully add to the very soon.
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Kali Kitty 
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Join Date: 08 Jul 2006
Location: UK
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Hi there! Welcome, and I feel the need to warn you that the 1JJ Swiss was my first deck and is extreeeeeeemely dull! Very boring images. Did nothing for me, except allure me with the cheerful Sun trump.

If you are interested in learning the fundamentals about tarot, may I recommend you make a study of the Thoth tarot and the Rider Waite, as those are the two main "systems" that most other decks take their lead from, so that they are likely to be readable and therefore popular and profitable in the existing tarot world. The Robin Wood deck is a very good "clone" of the Rider Waite, with very strong colour symbolism to aid in grasping the suits. The Thoth deck took 5 years to complete, and Robin Wood's deck took 10. I think they're great learning decks and if you can grasp those two systems, you'll be able to read with just about any deck. Ooh, and the Marseilles is really a better choice than the 1JJ Swiss if you want to see the very roots of tarot. It's purportedly the very first tarot deck to be produced in the 14th century and the majors are very cool.

Oops. Did I rant at you?? lol. Sorry.
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Trying to move on gracefully
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Join Date: 21 Aug 2008
Location: New Mexico, United States
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Hello Luzaroonie,

I so agree with Kali Kitty, at the beginning it is better to stick with learning a lot about one system, the Rider Waite is the more universally used, before going on to others.

I would like to know more about the Thoth, and, I occasionally read the thread dedicated to Thoth Deck study, but, speaking for myself, there is so much to keep me learning, just with R-W, that I have not ventured into Aleister Crowley's world yet.

Welcome, I know you will love AT.
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Join Date: 27 Aug 2002
Location: Arizona, USA
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Howdy Lauren! Welcome to the Forums! As you can see, even your introduction will get responses here. A.T. is a good place with a very positive atmosphere. I hope you enjoy your time and learn a lot (I know I certainly have).

I don't think I've looked at the Sharman-Caselli Tarot before. It's a beautiful deck from the looks of the pictures here on A.T. (A.T. has information on a huge variety of decks - just in case you haven't discovered that yet; That might help you when you want to start branching out to some other decks.)

Looking forward to your posts!

"A famous person once said; 'you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time' ... but, as I (an even more famous person) say; 'if you don't teach them to read, you can fool them whenever you like!'"
[Max Headroom]
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