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AmounrA's Avatar
Join Date: 27 Nov 2001
Location: karnak
Posts: 418
.:. .:. .:.

three years three months three days
no more night
golden sun rises over the sea
get out get
blue takes my red hand to me
out get out

As Above. As below
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Old 11-05-2007     Top   #21
Dr Benway 
Join Date: 06 Nov 2007
Location: midlands england
Posts: 15

We tried religion and war holes in the knees of our genes (memes).
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Old 22-11-2007     Top   #22
Silverlyn's Avatar
Join Date: 24 Oct 2007
Location: USA
Posts: 2,388

One Soul Fits All~

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Old 27-11-2007     Top   #23
Danica_Nyx's Avatar
Join Date: 19 Nov 2007
Location: In a world full of magic...just look
Posts: 79

behind the sheilded door of silver life
where tainted blood flows through the earth
and which moorish fen lies in horrid shades and shambles
The mustering wind of a fallicious art
painted harmony through reincarnation
a union of two paradoxical souls
the tears of thier disguise remain unshed
through the winded storm of rapine fire
clouds wall out true emotions
until the compromise of such a foriegn wonder
we all hold our gold
through the stricken, torrent and smite
a silent stream of amity
holds us all to our sacred song

-blessed be for all to see

In perfect love and perfect trust

credo quia absurdum est

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AmounrA II 
AmounrA II's Avatar
Join Date: 07 Jul 2012
Location: karnak
Posts: 3
Sea monkey

Through the mist of the Abyss I crept,
Until reaching an inner sea,
A sea as smooth as glass, no ripple to be seen,
And reflected on it from above, the full universe did show,
Its designed and engineered, but not by gods or myth,
~The atoms, technology, by beings we can not know,

universe is a room containing all needed to escape it

Upon the Earth are all the tools, needed to escape her,
Challenge ~ Go to another star
Until that has been done, an ape will you always be,
A lonely jewel in the abyss, surrounded by a treasure chest,
Non Terrestrial Travellers, buzzing above our heads,
~but never between us ever, a word has yet been said.

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ravenest's Avatar
Join Date: 02 Feb 2006
Location: NSW, Australia
Posts: 13,760
Talking Lets start this up again

Thomas the Apostle.

My head doth not encompass clearly
Your switcheroo of card and letter,
Your double loop of astro puzzle
(To contradict invokes a muzzle),
Your self-asserting proof and mantra
Is twisted in a maze of yantra.

Your philosophy I hold dearly
As From dying god is always better,
As sun never passes nor does it die,
We turn to shadow in the sky.
A metaphor of life of man,
Eternal may be his true span.

So what small measure does it matter
Compared to disc of bread and platter
To pour this emptied heart of mine
To fill the cup with sacred wine?
Opposed to where we put the fetter,
Could it be that it is merely

A skilful wink or subtle trick
Or is it that my mindís so thick
To accept the placement of a hook
Because it says so in a book?
To raise a brow and say, ďOh really?
Maybe itís an acrobater.Ē

Caaw! Arrk arrk arrrrrrrrr
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Old 25-02-2013     Top   #26
Join Date: 20 Feb 2013
Location: New Mexico, USA
Posts: 212
Smile a spring poem...


Fuzzy budded trees reach
into the heaving drift,
layered range of veils, air

more water than dust.
From the ground up

the word becomes
flower and fruit,
itself the happy muffin,
bakerís dozen dying

to know yourself.
Rain to snow
and back againó
O terrible breaking sky.

When Iím through
I being again, a tree

with the idea of spring
singing noble paths,
so much mist in the making.

Traveller and captive become
Queen and King. All these
in cobalt motion bloom.
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Old 13-03-2013     Top   #27
ravenest's Avatar
Join Date: 02 Feb 2006
Location: NSW, Australia
Posts: 13,760
For 40 days and 40 nights.

I prayed and purged my passion free.
My holiest motive I gave to Thee.
Now pure and with light my body filled
The untimate height I reach fullfilled.
I prayed and purged my passion free
and beheld a maiden unclothed
from behind a tree.

Caaw! Arrk arrk arrrrrrrrr
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Old 31-03-2013     Top   #28
AmounrA II 
AmounrA II's Avatar
Join Date: 07 Jul 2012
Location: karnak
Posts: 3

And so our ship hits geburah, and soon will come a war,
time to change the blue to red,
and dance with the scarlett whore.

And so the tide rolls in.
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Old 30-09-2015     Top   #29
Babalon Jones 
Babalon Jones's Avatar
Join Date: 24 Oct 2010
Location: Anomalous
Posts: 1,488
from Beauty to Splendor

October Ode to Pan, Io Pan! Io Pan Pan! Pan! Io Pan!

blue black grapes purpling

fragrant, fallen

high, the devil lived

hickory nuts, swollen

white gold crystals

as yet unlived potential

existence is pure joy

honeycomb, torrential

Tabula Mundi
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Old 05-10-2015     Top   #30
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