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"Hedgewytch" cartomancy practice

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Originally Posted by dilgan View Post
Thank you for labelling these examples. Have you ever seen a book
by Dawn Jackson that was for sale on this? Is there an ongoing study group
using her spreads and interpretations?
Yes, I have seen a book somewhere but can't find it now. I don't know about a study group. Try doing a search for Hedgewytch?
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I do recall just seeing a book on Hedgewythery in Barnes and Noble, yesterday. I don't recall the exact title of it--but you can probably find it on B&Ns website.
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Hedgewytch cartomancy practice

Is anyone working with playing cards based on Dawn Jackson's layout and
interpretation? I am interested in a reading exchange. The Horns layout involving one question seems to be right on target.
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Originally Posted by tarot heart View Post
A while back Kalliope gave this site with pictures of the 3 coven spread and the wheel, here it is:

you will need to use the password of playingcards - no spaces, no caps

If you signed up for photobucket you can download the pictures, just look for the options button and click on it. As for Temple of Fortune and the Great Throw, I don't think Hedgewytch ever got to those but I could be wrong about that. Hope that's somewhat helpful! Good luck
Thanks for posting this link, tarot heart! I haven't been very happy with Photobucket lately, so to make it easier for people, I've posted the images in a new album that doesn't require a password, and shouldn't require you to have an account to download the files. (They are only accessible by direct link, so the public can't find them by searching.) You can find all four missing spreads here:

If you have any trouble, please let me know!
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I just got an intriguing deck of playing cards and forum-searched my way into this thread...alas, it seems that is down now? I keep getting "Page not found" errors when I try to go there.

I'm doing web searches on other Hedgewytch cartomancy sites but haven't found a really thorough one yet. Does anyone have recommendations?

Of course I'll ramble around AT some more and see what else people have had to say...and hopefully have some contributions to make to the thread soon!
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Cardseer is amazing. He took his blog down recently but seems to have put it back up. No recent activity but a lot of useful information is available through it. He is hands down just the best.
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Try this
Bit awkward, and some missing, but maybe it help.
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Hedgewytch is appealing and can help but there are still some things that I find totally unaccurate.

For instance, this system tells that 7's are "troubles". Well, sorry but in numerology 7's are not troubles at all and for instance if you have 7h and use the Hedgewytch's system you will say that this is a "love problem" which actually isn't at all the meaning of this card unless bad surrounded, but by themselves 7's are NOT troubles at all. They are dealing with higher thinkings, faith, spiritual things, introspection etc.

So this one about the 7's is quite missleading and could make one be totally off with his readings.

Another example with 8's which according to that system represent "the thoughts of the mind" which a) is not accurate, and b) doesn't tell much. 8's are (mainly) about balance&harmony and making things move and happen. Nothing to do with an intellectual motionless concept of "thoughts".

So, while there are some useful things with that system I wouldn't apply it blindly.
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