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Used the Fae to Read At a Harvest Festival

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Used the Fae to Read At a Harvest Festival

I was doing Sacred Garden readings.
They didn't want tarot at the festival.
The festival was at a Botanical Garden. They have beautiful grounds and a large hothouse/arboretum type building. Very nice place.

So the Froud has been with me ever since I got it.
I asked if they'd like to talk to the people at the Festival and they were into it, of course. They even sent the big guns out to tell me yes...The Singer of Intuition. I felt like they were saying, "You know you want, trust, trust...."

For five bucks I did Faery Readings.
Very interesting who showed up to play. And I think they were glad it was more about learning about them and less about the money. I mean, I wasn't getting rich doing sometimes 20minute+ readings for five bucks.

All in all it went well and a couple people who sat down were entranced, in love with the fae and off to buy a deck. There were a couple of girls in abusive relationships past and present who got a good talking to. Dark lady appeared for the divorcees and the Sage came up for a little 16yo who was breaking up with her boyfriend of four years! 13-16 with the same guy????

Anyway, I'm glad I did the reads, I learned alot.
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oooh elf!
Sounds like you had a wonderful time!
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Aura Wolf 

Congrats Elf! Can't wait till I get the chance to do live readings
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Great to hear elf!!!

Wow, a four year relationship ending at the age of 16.... I've known marriages that didn't last that long..... I can well imagine the Sage would make an appearance there!

So glad to hear your Fae went out to play with you in the wide wide world.
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