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I'm just mad

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Kiky  Kiky is offline
Join Date: 31 Aug 2015
Location: Amsterdam Netherlands
Posts: 34

It is my favo deck. Not an baby deck at all.
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Hermit on the Run  Hermit on the Run is offline
Join Date: 06 Nov 2014
Location: USA
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Hermit on the Run 
That's funny!

I hadn't heard of RWS being considered a "baby" deck. That's the one I use, but you have to start somewhere. "Traditional" would be more appropriate IMO. Sometimes people say things to upset you and you just have to ignore them. Do your own thing.
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Zephyros  Zephyros is offline
Join Date: 31 Jan 2004
Location: Israel
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I still don't understand what the definition of a baby deck is. For me, that's a deck that has no inner meaning or significance. The RWS has that in spades, but since most people ignore it anyway, does it really matter? If you don't go into the esoteric structure of the deck all that matters is your own taste and one deck is just as good, or bad, as any other.

For me the RWS has a special standing among decks because of its inner symbolism and intent. However, if none of those things interested me, the RWS would hardly be special.

So I guess my question is that, while it is alright to be offended when accused of using a baby deck... um... why isn't it? I mean, if the answer is that it "speaks" to you, that really says more about the user than about the deck, since the user can read with anything. So can I, I just prefer not to.
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Girl Archer  Girl Archer is offline
Join Date: 10 Dec 2010
Location: Beneath the starry skies, what I call my own.
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Girl Archer 

While I don't agree that it is a baby deck or anything... it certainly made a good deck for me when I was beginning to learn primarily because the symbolism was right there and easier to learn from as opposed to say, had I started with Phantasmagoric Theater tarot.
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Snaut  Snaut is offline
Join Date: 28 Jul 2015
Location: Germany
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I haven't heard the term "baby deck", but instead "suitable for beginners". That was one of the reasons I tried the RWS as my first deck.
In the RWS there is too much hidden symbolism for my taste. RWS were too concerned with hiding secrets of the Golden dawn.
I think it was DuQuette who said that this way an own symbolism emerged which was different from the intended one but nevertheless standing on its own.

Anyway, I mostly stick with the Thoth since it is easier
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