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Choose Five Decks Only for Your Collection?

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hm.. this is not an easy one..
Ill go for
Bohemian Gothic
Jolanda Tarot
Dragon Tarot
Wonderland Tarot
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Luna's Crone 

Originally Posted by Marcus R View Post
Ok, asking us Tarot people to only have 5 decks is torture, you know that don't you.
This is why i haven't answered this question. i feel sad when i think of not taking
certain I shall move on to a different thread
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Mine's top 5

RWS Systems - Victorian Romantic Tarot

Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot

Marseilles - Crystal Tarot (LoS)

Lenormand - Stralsunder 1900 (from Tag_jorrit)

Oracle - Sibilla Originale del 1890 aka La Vera Sibilla
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My first choice, the RWS, would be the Llewellyn Steampunk deck, partially because it was a gift from a close friend. I also find it reads easily, and I connect with it well personally😊

Second choice, Thoth deck...I'd have to go with the Urban Tarot.

3rd would be the Fournier Marseille deck.

Lenormand would be Under the Roses

And 5th would be the Isis Oracle.

That was fun, thanks for asking such a thoughtful question~ I have over 100 card decks so it was a good challenge to narrow them down.
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Laura Borealis 

Originally Posted by firecatpickles View Post
Hypothetically, if you had to limit your collection to just four decks; an RWS-, a Thoth- or GD-based deck, a TdM, and a Lenormand; which four would you choose?

Also, let's say you're allowed one other type of deck, such as an oracle, what five would they be?
What a horrible question

I'll stick with the Ancient Italian for my TdM type. For my Waite-type I feel like I'd have to keep my plain old RWS deck, as I need it for study, but I want my Daniloff as well. Can't I forego the Lenormand? I really don't feel the need to hang onto a Lenormand.

I haven't figured out which Thoth is my favorite in terms of colors yet, so I'll defer that decision for now.

If I get another oracle as well (isn't Lenormand technically an oracle? it certainly isn't tarot) then I'll keep my Holitzka I Ching deck.
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Originally Posted by Laura Borealis View Post
If I get another oracle as well (isn't Lenormand technically an oracle? [...]
It technically is, but its history and the fact that it has a distinct system apart from other oracles (such as tarot) that rely on that history makes it a deck in and of itself. [My opinion only ]

Uh-oh, I feel another thread coming on....
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RWS ~ deviant moon tarot
thoth ~ navigators tarot of the mystic SEA
marseille ~ i don't really read with TdM, but i like to look at them! oswald wirth
lenormand ~ the antiquarian lenormand
oracle ~ the moon oracle ( )
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*foaming at the mouth*
Please stop talking about reducing my collection! And that scarf!!!!!!
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RWS - Albano Waite (my favorite so far)
Thoth - Thoth ("There can be only one!")
TdM - CBD or Robledo (wish-list items at the moment)
Lenormand - Gilded Reverie (not historical, but it just reads so well)
Oracle - not sure here, I only have one so far; maybe the Messenger or the Enchanted Map, both look interesting

ETA: Scratch those two oracles, I think I'd go with Ciro's upcoming Kipper. Something new to learn that seems to have a system.
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LOL!!! That comment made my day. I am laughing so hard!


Just five decks? That's a tough one.

(01) Victorian Romantic Tarot (2nd Edition is preferred.) I love this deck. It reads very well. The card stock is buttery and the gilded edges are sublime.

(02) Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot (Gold Edition is preferred) I wasn't a fan of this deck when I first saw it, but when I received the Gold edition, I changed my mind. It's a humorous deck and the cats are so cute.

(03) Oliver Hibert Tarot In readings, this deck leaves me cold. I don't connect with it as much as I would like, but I find the artwork very cool. It lends itself to some topsy turvy energy, which can be refreshing, as it provides material to move away from traditional RWS meanings.

(04) Kat Black's Golden Tarot This deck never fails to deliver strong readings.

(05) Vertigo Tarot This is usually my go-to reading deck. It is underrated and yet it reads incredibly well. There is motion and flow in the deck, it feels as if you're floating through a nightmare on the way to transition to a dream. Beautiful work!
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