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Thanks to the MODS

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zannamarie's Avatar
zannamarie  zannamarie is offline
Join Date: 01 Jun 2006
Location: in the USA
Posts: 12,570

Thanks to the mods both past and present for all the time, attention, and care they have given to this community.
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SilverCloudedWolf's Avatar
SilverCloudedWolf  SilverCloudedWolf is offline
Join Date: 04 May 2005
Location: UK - but only when I'm not in my own world
Posts: 294

I add my thanks to all the mods, past and present, who have kept AT so welcoming and homely xx
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danieljuk's Avatar
danieljuk  danieljuk is offline
Sad Oracle
Join Date: 23 Nov 2011
Location: London, United Kingdom
Posts: 8,828

Thank you so much to all the Mods, past and present! You've all brought something to the community, your time and energy, possibly your hair (sometimes tearing it out ) but you helped make it such a wonderful place!

In my early days I did things wrong or posted in the wrong place a lot! I was always treated fairly and respectfully, even if I felt disgruntled at the time I think they've always been fair and impartial.

Some of the Mods have always been here with the community, some are newer or done shorter periods of time. Some Mods have left the forum, busy with their own lives but their locked and pinned postings and indexing and archiving remain all over the forum and will remain!

Thanks for all you have done for us
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euripides's Avatar
euripides  euripides is offline
Join Date: 13 Oct 2005
Location: the world
Posts: 2,648

Adding my heartfelt thanks. Good moderation is so important - both with keeping the topics organized and on-topic, and smoothing over interpersonal issues. It's one of the reasons I came back to AT - moderation that simply doesn't exist on social media.

Thank you for your efforts in making this place special.
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Flaxen's Avatar
Flaxen  Flaxen is offline
Join Date: 03 Jan 2010
Location: UK
Posts: 5,198

A huge thank you to the mods. I was briefly on the other side of the curtain and know how much time it takes to really moderate a forum so well. You are all wonderful!
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Bookwight's Avatar
Bookwight  Bookwight is offline
Join Date: 03 Sep 2014
Location: A Hobbit-hole in Canada
Posts: 128

I never posted a whole lot, but I spent a LOT of time here and read through threads like a fiend, and frequently noticed what a civilised, well-mannered, warm and friendly place this was (mostly ). I know that's due to our brilliant AT mods. Thank you, all of you past and present, for doing so much work here! You MADE this place the safe haven that it is, and I can't even imagine how much…um, er…you know…brown stuff…you had to wade through to do so.

Sending you all virtual hugs, virtual beverages of choice, virtual cakes and other treats of choice, and a massive amount of gratitude that is not virtual at all but very, very real.

Thank you.
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Sulis's Avatar
Sulis  Sulis is offline
believer in magic
Join Date: 03 Feb 2002
Location: UK
Posts: 23,197

Thank you
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Alta's Avatar
Alta  Alta is offline
Golden Silvery Dionna
Join Date: 06 Aug 2001
Location: Canada
Posts: 27,056

Thanks from me as well Bookwight, that is so kind.
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thorhammer's Avatar
thorhammer  thorhammer is offline
Join Date: 21 Sep 2007
Location: Running
Posts: 19,764

From me, as well, thank you all. For your tireless and astonishingly consistent work, for the uncompromising standards you all held yourselves and us to, and for being such kind mentors during my own brief stint moderating. I learnt so much. Thank you all.
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Hemera  Hemera is offline
Join Date: 06 Jun 2006
Location: Building wings on the way down
Posts: 10,735

Thank you all. This thread means so much to me..
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