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Originally Posted by tarotbear View Post
I checked with Cartomancy forum - if you want to sell books or decks you go to 'Town Crier' under General Discussions.

You can discuss new decks under their Tarot card forum.
Yeah I figured that. Admin seems laid back about rules too, which is nice. As it is, I'm thankful for all the accommodations they have extended the new members. I also kinda went off topic on that town crier thread, haha but to my defence, it was as a reply to someone who commented on my on-topic post. (and admin seems pretty cool about it which is awesome)
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Originally Posted by Dean View Post
Is the colour scheme that bad for your eye's lol. I'm not the owner of the site but i agree i would prefer something more neutral, i have been on far worse forums in my time that needed a make over from top to bottom.
yeah, top/banner is actually good! but text section looks awfull!x,x facepalm
agree there are MUCH worse! heck even this was *unusual before my eyes get used/aka addicted to it!
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ok, just to report I've hear from wonderful Kat Moon (my fav admin btw!^^) on mystic reading, & there is Creator section added (near the bottom) under proffesional talk!
(we'll start posting some topic there when my battery is back tonight! feel free to beatme to it!^^ lol
so far this place have best vibe from all forums I've seen,
+ it seem exactly what we (creators) are lookin for!

here is what she say;
"I am wanting to start up a whole review section for decks. Thoughts about the cards, connected to the study groups (like what we have started for ya), but then also links to where people can purchase a deck, links to the creators website or social media outlets. Then working on a weekly, or monthly (depending on how fast I can get this moving) newsletter, that would also showcase the "feature" deck with all the links. Basically get people interested in the deck here, then hold their hand to purchasing the decks. (I actually do this through another brand, different genre and it has worked out well for everyone). It gives the creators free marketing, and a platform to talk about their works."

also did I mention I got my fanbase there? lol
check it out;
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