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Lust/strength and floating heads

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donnystordock  donnystordock is offline
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Talking Read the Book of Thoth

I find that when you read the Book of Thoth it gives a ton of insight. There are also a lot of things it the Book of the Law and 777. I can't really say that everything can ever be known about any card. But one thing that Crowley says about Lust is that was changed from Strength implying not just strength but joy as well. And that Leo is the most powerful of the Zodiac Trumps.

Another thing to take into account is that in the traditional deck it is not Strength but Justice, which would be equivelent to Adjustment (Crowley changed the name of this card as well for a more unbiased veiw of the card).

The thing that is confusing when you land on this year is weather you should use the Waite system or the Thoth. While I'm definately more enclined to Thoth Waite has it's points as well. I take both cards into account because of the double loop in the zodiac that changed their places in the first place.

When you are looking at Lust as your year card I don't know if you can expect a good year or a bad year. What if the number really means Adjustment? Then you are dealing with karma. But one thing about the number 11 itself is that it is definately going to be a magical year.

One last thing. Since it's your year you will have to decide by using your intuition (1+1=2=The Priestess) whether the card is Lust or Adjustment. That is another gift of the year for you since the numbers are definately implying both 11 and 2.

It would be great if you would just post your birthday though. How did you come to 11? It would be possible through a number of different ways that would have a myriad of different meanings.

Don't mean to confuse you more. But a year is a long time and it's really hard to say that you are going to have a year of raging hormones, courage strength and that it's because of your Karma
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prudence  prudence is offline
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hi donnystordock,
thanks for the insightful reply!!

my birthdate is 2/20/1970...this year for me is 11, and as I prefer the 11 as Strength, I am going with that card image.

so far this year is, not terribly lustful...and as for feeling strong, well, I am waiting for that to happen! I get this card alll of the time lately, so I am taking this to mean I really need to meditate on this particular energy....
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Draegyn  Draegyn is offline
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Originally Posted by similia
~I wish this was my soul card.
What is a "soul" card?
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formerly similia
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formerly similia

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Hi Draegyn,

There is a thread here on related topics. My post explains how to calculate your soul card as well as your personality card.
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I took a good long look at the Strength/Lust card when I last pulled it for a reading, and you know what I saw?

The top of the card has that small almost starburst pattern, with a small dot in the middle, like a little. Maybe its because I'm pregnant, but, I looked at my ultrasound pictures from that time period as well, and damned, if it didnt look exactly like an embryonic ultrasound at 5 weeks. I'm sure that's not what Crowley or Lady Frieda had in mind for that particular part of the card, especially since ultrasounds weren't that advanced back then, or didn't exist, but it worked very well for the reading.

I tried finding the exact date when sonograms started but couldn't find it in a quick search.
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Draegyn  Draegyn is offline
Join Date: 22 Jun 2005
Location: Colorado, United States
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Originally Posted by similia
Hi Draegyn,

There is a thread here on related topics. My post explains how to calculate your soul card as well as your personality card.
I think my soul card is the Hierophant

Thats interesting, at 40 I am finally getting my bachelors and will pursue a Masters in Organizational Communication. I am pursuing not so much knowledge as the application of knowledge. I'll have to think about this.

Thanks for the input Sim
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Babylon_Jasmine  Babylon_Jasmine is offline
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Originally Posted by Fulgour
It is likely that Lady Frieda had at least a momentary sense
of what inspired her to create an image, an artistic impulse.
Artists thrive on spontaneity and the serendipitous results,
so as she filled in her canvas, what came was of a moment.

Art is basically honest, even in deception, and so I think we
are free to interpret each image according to our experience
of it, as it relates to ourselves here and now. This holds true
of all forms of art (who cares what "Picasso" was thinking?).

People who write about other people's art are called critics.
Crowley was roughly as competent at that as a paid typist.

I think that calling the Thoth deck Lady Frieda Harris' art is not giving nearly enough credit to Crowley. Although she certainly had a role in the design of the cards, particularly in making them graphically feasible, the primary mind behind the design was Crowley's. Harris executed his ideas beautifully and has certainly lent the deck a touch of her grace but it is still a deck designed and envisioned by Crowley. And when he writes about the cards he is writing about the deck that he designed and not just the art that she created.
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