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Amazing Crowley/Thoth Incident

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Originally Posted by billv
I guess my thoughts at this point are around the idea of this being a positive or negative experience... should I be concerned or cautious?
I can see no reason at all for you to be concerned or cautious. 666 is a very positive number because it is the mystic number of the Sun. I would consider it good luck. But then again, I'm a Thelemite so I'm biased.
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I went throught the same feelings as you. At the time it's rather a shock, but now, in hindsight, I see that I have a particular link to the deck and that was the message to me. It took my understanding of Tarot in general as well as looking into myself, that made me realise that perhaps I was singled out to 'use' the deck well. I think keeping a positive feeling about this is the best way to go.

You are not alone, and this happens to people with other decks too. My advise is.. don't ignore it unless you feel uncomfortable, instincts should be followed up. I am a firm believer in that the deck is just a learning tool, but sometimes we get signs and they should be noticed... not dwelled on... but noticed and remembered.
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Explore > Wonder < Repeat

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Bill V:

That was an amazing first "exposure" to the Crowley/Harris Thoth deck! I think you will find that studying and using this amazing deck will produce many such cosmic experiences.

For some other cosmic reflections on the Thoth deck, check out these links:

Projective Synthetic Geometry in Lady Frieda Harris' Tarot Paintings and in Aleister Crowley's Book of the Law

Gallery of the Thoth Tarot (fractal permutations)
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Blue Fury 

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Hey Bill, sounds like your deck was winking and saying 'hallo' in a way that was sure to get your attention. Don't doubt the deck, or it's wonderful magick and be pleased that you have made the connection. I have had my deck for many years, but it has taken me this long to open my eyes and realise that tarot is part of who I am. Thoth is my faithful companion and is a fabulous deck. Be proud that it chose you and keep telling that story. It made me smile, and to be perfectly honest a little bit envious. Blessings to you my fellow Thothite, Fury xxx
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Originally Posted by billv
Hi all,

This is my first post, and I should start by saying that I'm new to Tarot, and to the Thoth deck. After deciding that I wanted to learn about the Tarot for personal unfoldment I went shopping, and the Thoth deck picked me - I knew nothing about it's history, or about Crowley really, but the deck was my only serious choice after seeing the artwork. After buying the deck and starting to research both it and Crowley I was surprised to find that I had accidently chosen one of the most complex decks available, rich in symbolism and meaning.

Here's where things got interesting. Last night I wanted to really meditate on a card and study as much of the symbolism on the card as possible. I didn't have a magnifying glass, and wanted to really get a good look at the card, so I did the next best thing to a magnifying glass - I have a digital SLR camera with a macro-focus lens, so I took a picture of the card which allowed me to bring it into the computer at a very large size and with every detail easily viewable. I took maybe 8 or 10 pictures, shooting about 4 cards in the process.

When I brought the pictures into the computer, about five of the shots were blurry (it took me a few tries to get things set up right for the best possible shot of the card). The first card I shot was "The Fool" card. I sent the best shot of that card into Photoshop so I could zoom in and out and really see the detail. (The detail was amazing, and for anyone who is curious, this is an excellent way to really see all card detail!) That's when I noticed.

I looked up at the filename for the card. The auto-generated filename for the card (I still have a hard time getting my mind around this) was Image_0666.jpg. I sat there, absolutely stunned. The probabilities around this happening by chance are so incredibly small that it boggles the mind. This was Crowley's number. When I saw it I just froze. It also made me smile, thinking that this was Crowley's way of "winking" at me or something. It's not just that the filename had been randomly assigned, but also that out of the 10 pictures I had taken, that particular one was the first really clear shot, the first to really reveal it's detail and be in focus.

I have to say, I was more than a little overwhelmed by this - again, the probabilities against that particular photo being the 666th image taken/cataloged in my photo software, let alone the fact that it was the first clear shot of the card, plus the fact that 666 was Crowley's moniker - taken together I don't see how it can be much of anything other than his influence in my undertaking. Pure coincidence doesn't begin to satisfy as an answer.

So, with that story I want to say hello to all, and say I'm glad to have found the forum and look forward to learning. I have to say I'm almost overwhelmed already by what I think are some really powerful cards, especially based on my experience last night.

Bill V
Crowley was probably also saying that you should pay attention to the fool.
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Thanks to everyone for all the great replies. At this point I wanted to introduce myself properly, so I've posted an introduction to me in the New Members thread. See ya around the forum...

Bill V
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A very good introduction to the Thoth. Its the only deck I have (out of my 13 decks) that really jumps up and smacks me in the head at times. I wonder sometimes if Crowley didn't find some way of embedding himself into the cards somehow as a way of continuing to exist.

(and I just noticed I hit 200 posts with this post! )
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Thoth Deck Coincidence

Since I personally donít believe in Coincidences, I would defiantly have to say this was Crowley and the magik of the deck speaking to you. I too have also had very strange instances with this deck, strange in a good way. I would defiantly take it as a sign as this was meant to be. It was meant to find you and you were meant to find it.

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A 666 story.

I was in a shop and I bought stuff, and at the till the total came to £6.66.
I mentioned it and everyone laughed.
Not weird, not crepy? No, obviously it had to add up to something. and 666 is as good a number as any.

However, we left the shop and sitting there in the car I thought there was something not right. So I started to add up what the total should have been. It was about 8 quid.

So, the till spewed out a random 666 at me for no good reason at all.

Laugh? of course I did, I was 2 quid up!
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