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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step THREE

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21 Ways STEP THREE: Gilded Tarot, Nine of Pentacles

STEP THREE: Gilded Tarot, Nine of Pentacles

3-1 ~ With total concentration on the bird in her hand, she shows contentment both within herself and her surroundings. She has total control of the hooded bird on her hand. The garden around her is abundant and the insects seem at ease within her presence.

3-2 ~ I feel so content I could swirl and dance in my new gown. The day is beautiful, the clouds are white and fluffy, the sky is blue and there is a fresh crispness coming from the distant snow-capped mountain.
I know my garden is in splendour, I dont need to look, flowers blooming on well-trained healthy plants. Insects abound, I can hear three butterflies fluttering their wings around me and I know there is a ladybird in the vine to my left right next to my nine pentacles, my pride and joys, each and every one of their glowing brilliance.
I have master ship and control over my bird, I determine when he flies, all I have to do is step forward a fraction, unbind his hood and release him.
I am attuned to the nature around me, I am in the here, I am in the now, all is good in my garden paradise, I feel in control, I feel contented and nothing else matters.

3-3 ~ Well this is hard, total contentment with what is in front of me and going on around me, feeling in control heck, im a 50 year old with a mortgage life does not throw us contentment when we have a mortgage! Although my 50th was pretty much up there family around me, relaxed atmosphere, nice weather, yep, that was pretty much up there for contentment.
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DruidCraft, Queen of Wands

3-1. In the background, a large fire burns, sending heavy smoke into the air. It is a distant threat, but, the queen seems more interested in the wand she holds or possibly the thoughts it evokes within her. She does not seem concerned about the threat of the fire and may in fact be either unaware it exists, or simply not feel threatened by it. The cat that sits crouched below her seems comfortable in its shelter, but pensive and prepared to leave if necessary.
3-2. Behind me, a large fire burns. I can smell the thick acrid smoke in the air, notifying me that the fire is not so far away to as not pose a threat. Although the fire is close enough that I should be concerned, I am not worried about it, and I am instead calmly focused on the wand I hold. However, a small part of me sits comfortably sheltered, but pensive and prepared to leave if it becomes necessary.
3-3. I feel like where I am in life now is a perfect example of this card. I am currently faced with having to be moved out of my home on the 31st, and yet, my partner and I have not yet found a new home, facing us with the danger of being homeless. All though we are in danger, I have not focused on the possibility of us being homeless and instead, have been trying to focus on the task at hand of finding ourselves a new home or safe place to go.

No wonder I chose this card Maybe I should explain my current attitude to my honey in this way, maybe it will help him understand why I have been so calm lately.

ETA deck and card info.
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that is really interesting, pequenakid - and i wish you all the very best for finding the right place to live!
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Originally Posted by fractalgranny View Post
that is really interesting, pequenakid - and i wish you all the very best for finding the right place to live!
Thanks much!
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21 Ways - Step Three

Step THREE - Dark Carnival Tarot, The Hierophant

3-1. The Ringmaster is supremely confident, and he loves being in the spotlight: look at the size of that grin! He's in charge of the whole show even though he doesn't perform in any of the acts. He's above all that; he likes being in the center ring the whole time, not confined to a single performance. He's in control and he LOVES it. The clown on the left is full of admiration, he almost seems to worship the ringmaster, and feels a distant sense of longing to be in that position one day. He's almost too humble right now - "I'm not worthy to touch your coat" - but his gaze is directed upward; his aim is high, his goal is distant but not impossible. The clown on the right is definitely not feeling it. His eyes are closed, he's only put on half his makeup, he's escaped into the soothing narcotics of a cigarette, and he doesn't care that his smoke is getting in everyone else's eyes. Maybe he's bored, or maybe he's putting on a show of boredom - or he's intimidated. I wouldn't really want to be looking too closely at the ringmaster myself.


3-2. Ugh. I don't want to be here right now. I don't belong here. Okay, so I arrived late, they could've given me a little more time to get my makeup on and finish my cigarette. I'm not ready, I'm not in my zone, and seriously? This ringmaster is one creepy dude. I can't stand when he pokes those long nails in my face; I'd rather keep my eyes closed and miss my cue than get stabbed in the eye! He's dangerous, a loose cannon...he'd do anything for applause. I don't trust him. And I don't know what's up with Mr. Smiley over there. Dude, you need more than those big blue eyes and that brown-nosing grin to move up in this world. Also? It's not like the ringmaster's coat is Angel's Tears Clean Only. You can touch it, it's not like you'll get it any dirtier than three hours' worth of performance sweat. He's not perfect and you're not pathetic...well, right NOW you are. But you don't have to be. Chill out. It's not life or death. It's just a circus.

3-3. I totally wasn't ready for the film school graduate program. I should've taken more time, worked in the industry, gotten some experience under my belt - everyone else was way ahead of me. I was just too intimidated to approach anyone, get any advice, or really learn anything. And the equipment guy! We couldn't do anything without proving to him that we knew how to use the cameras and editing equipment, and he was just such a unpleasant person. He glared from behind his little window, with the vast array of equipment behind him, and never smiled and never said anything nice to anyone. I couldn't deal with him. It was easier not to do anything than to approach him and try to prove myself. I really got into a bad spiral where I didn't know what I was doing with my life and was jealous of everyone who seemed to find everything so much easier. Why couldn't I be like that? I eventually gave up, dropped out of school, and got a job doing something else entirely. Did I miss an opportunity because I couldn't handle one person who scared me? Yeah, pretty much. On the other hand, I have a perfectly good life on the other felt like the most important thing in the world at the time, but I'm not looking back anymore.
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21 Ways: Step 3

Cosmic Tarot: The Sun

Initial Feelings: Peace, Cheer, Balance, Centeredness, Comfort, Safety, Expansiveness

3-1 A big, brightly shining sun and smiling child stand front and center of this card suggesting a centeredness and inner knowing not unlike that of an innocent child who still trusts that the universe is going to take care of her. She is partially hidden behind some bushes, tucked safely in the protection of mother earth. Although expansiveness lies outside the current field of perception in the form of a lake, hills and meadow, it is being offered nonetheless. Tree branches on either side suggest two possible outcomes to the given situation. One is stagnation and the other offers growth potential and prosperity unmatched by the other.

3-2 There is great happiness, expansive, thriving possibility open to me if I can venture beyond the perceived safety of my comfort zone. I can choose to go one of two ways. I can choose to remain in the known and take the path that offers nothing in the way of growth, prosperity or future opportunity or I can push past uncertainty and doubt in favor of a path that offers growth and potential beyond what I currently know.

3-3 I currently work an 8 to 5 corporate job that I literally feel is sucking the life out of me. There are quite a few changes taking place and I watch as others leave to pursue their dreams or simply enjoy life. I am like the bird perched on the stagnating branch watching as the other birds spread their wings and fly away. Within about a 2 week time frame a professional tarot card reading class opened up at a local metaphysical shop I frequent and I also decided to get certified as a clinical aromatherapist. My plan is in place I know what to do but doubts have begun to creep in like the plant in the card that looks like it's being eaten away. I've been asking if the uncertainty of this unconventional path is the right one for me. These two activities blend so well together and the thought of being able to earn a living with them sounds like heaven to me! This could be represented by the night sky outside the arched daylight scene. Anything that makes me feel this positive must be a sign that I'm on the right path. The clarity of wisdom in the sun card is both chilling and amazing.
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21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card Step Three

Witches' Tarot, VII The Chariot

3:1 THe male charioteer on the card looks strong, proud, triumphant, confident, and focused. His open right hand suggests he is also receptive, and this gesture helps balance the action of his other arm, which is raised up and holds a long implement, perhaps a weapon. The horses are raised up on their hind legs, conveying power and energies that are wild, yet are within the control of the charioteer, suggesting that he has harness over his own wild instincts. THe horses also convey a sense of majesty and nobility. THeir wildness and beauty is tied to the purpose of the charioteer.
The environment here: a skyscape, with the chariot and horses perched atop clouds, feels very spacious, open, vast. There is a sense of exhilaration in the vastness suggested, a joy and ecstasy complement the charioteer's confidence and power, as he feels truly "on top of the world" and with the potential really to travel anywhere, and see anything.

3:2 I feel powerful and free, ecstatic as I ride upon a chariot pulled by two beautiful and handsome horses, wild upon the clouds and free as the wind and stars. I am riding breathlessly upon the winds of Magic itself, able to travel astrally wherever I please, experiencing thus the real treasure of the soul and the spirit. I am focused and strong and in control of the direction I go, and I may go anywhere in this wild and vast world.

3:3 THe most recent time I felt like this, was within the last week or two when I hiked upon a ridge in a local park. I felt exhilarated physically by the exertion of the walk, and buoyed up by the vast distances I was able to see, from the ridgetop, to the mountains to the east, as well as to the sea to the west. Inwardly, I felt the connection of this physical journey to the inner journeys that I can make, at any time, and rejoiced at the freedom that inner journeying gives to the soul.
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Step THREE, Shadowscapes, Strength

Step THREE, Shadowscapes, Strength

3.1: The environment looks peaceful, as if everyone is just hanging out, just enjoying the here and now. The sky is yellow, white, and gray, but below, even as the lion growls, it is a deep, resonating one that doesn't sound angry, but just like saying "hello." The incense, floating as if trying to reach the sky, makes everyone calm and peaceful too. As the lady is opening the lion's mouth, so that it could speak, her visage is serene, because she doesn't have fear. All seems at peace and calm. All is serene.

3.2: "I am in an environment that looks so peaceful. Everyone is just hanging out and enjoying the present moment. The sky doesn't look open and bright, but it doesn't seem to be in the way of how everyone is feeling down below. Even the lion sounds like he is in good spirits. His grown didn't sound angry and the birds didn't even flinch at the sound. The incense feels good. It makes me feel even calmer. As I look up, I see the red-headed lady opening the lion's mouth. She seems so brave and not at all fearful as she opened it. Everything just feels so peaceful and calm. So serene."

3.3: I travelled some Asian countries alone. There were moments, because of solo travel, especially in countries I could not speak the language, when things were really hard and stressful. However, when I was in Hong Kong, I rode a ferry to sight-see. All of the sudden, I realized that I was so at peace, at that moment. There in the middle of a waterway, I felt serenity and inner peace.
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Wink 21 Ways, Radiant Rider Waite, King of Pentacles

a) My answer : King of Pentacles, Radiant Rider Waite
Secure. Feeling secure, relaxed, content, provided for. Calm, rested. Looking to the future, all is well with the world, Prepared. Confident, Pride.

b) I feel confident and secure in my surroundings. I feel calm and content and that I have everything I need. I feel prepared for the future and I am proud of who I am and where I have come from. I feel abundant - both financially and in my heart.

c) This probably sounds bad - or may be exposing my stunted growth, but I feel like this when all my bills are paid and I have enough money to get through to next payday. Its been a long journey from where I began and I've built a family and we have somewhere to live and usually all we need. Though sometimes I don't have enough money, and I worry about bills being unpaid and food etc. The feelings and emotions I get from the King of Pentacles is that everything is ok, I've made it though another week, Bills are paid and I can stop worrying.
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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card--Step Three

Universal Waite, The King Of Pentacles

The emotions here are: confidence and power, but with that also having a sense of responsibility.

3:1) The king seems to be calm and confident. His right foot is on top of an animal's head, showing that he is in control in an almost arrogant way. It looks like he doesn't have a care in the world. He is well versed and has everything he needs. This is his kingdom! At the same time, he is connected with the earth and nature all around him as he guards his kingdom behind him. He will defend and protect all that is his and his people and make sure they are well cared for.

3:2) I am the king and this is my kingdom! My throne is solid! I hold the scepter! I have all the wealth and I am in control of this land. All the land you see behind me is mine. I am one with this land and I will protect it with my life. It is well known by all and this is why I feel calm, secure and at ease.

3:3) This reminds me of a time in my life when I was on top of the world. I enjoyed money, fame and everything came easy. What I didn't know was that I had a responsibility to myself and to others. I had to learn it the very hard way. I just hope that I can pass some of my experiences to my daughter so that she can take her gifts and life further than I ever did.

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