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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step THREE

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21 ways, feelings

White rider tarot deck, the lovers

A, the god has complete indifference over the others in the card. The woman is looking at the god with an arm raised, as if to question the god in her way of thinking. Maybe she doesn't like the man. The Man is looking at the woman. His face is kinda at a frown, his hands are at a "why" pose. So that only strengthens the idea that the women doesn't want him. The snake is whispering into the woman's ear, perhaps giving her ideas on the man, and the god. He is devious. The environment is bleak and blan, doesn't invoke any emotions.

I am the god. I watch over the people. I do what I have to, I have no connections to the people that worship me. I could careless what they do. They are to be bonded and that is that.

I am the snake. I only exist to make a muck of what the gods have created, I have a different master. I am a trickster. I am telling the girl that she doesn't like the man, that isn't true at all, she hasn't even met the boy. I am telling her that the gods are stupid and should be questioned.

I am the women. I don't like the man. The snake had told me I haven't. The god doesn't know what she is doing. Why do I have to blindly obey?

I am the man. The women that for some reason that I hold dear doesn't want me! What tomfoolery is this? What cruel joke is this; surely the god knows what she is doing.
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21 ways. Forgot to do the last part

I really haven't had a situation that was described in the way I took the card. So I am going to take the card for face value. I have this girl that I am dating. I really love her and she really loves me. We are planning to move in with each other once she has finished school. She lives far away from me, the road hasn't been kind for us. But we are making it work.
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great to have you here in this study group!
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21ways - step 3 - legacy - koc

1. He is concentrated in his meditation. his eyes look far away just like he looks thru his kingdom's future. will it be safe? will it be wealthy? do i deserve this place? all come across his mind in the same time.

2. i have to pray for above power helping me. i scare, i scare that i cant hold it anymore, i scare of doing wrong, i scare of hurting my men, i scare of not deserved this position i've had. i pray, i nearly forgot i'm holding holy chalice. i cant drop it, i'm not allow to drop it. i have to stay strong, i have to show my strength, my calmness, my grace. noone allows to know about my inner fears. how many people in this whole wide world understand my difficuties????

3. that's kind of feeling running thru my mind all the time. i always afraid that i gonna do s.t wrong, that i sacrified so much but who knows??? i dont want to talk about that all the time, that's not who i am, but how can people know if i dont tell them. i always try to act like a strong, independent guy to hide away my weak, emotional part that a-guy-should-not-have of mine
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Russian Tarot osp - 10 of Cups

First, describe the emotions and feelings on the card for the character(s) involved and the environment they are within.
  • the woman looks as if she was supported by her man, but the more I look at the card, the more I tend to think she is supporting the man. Her hands are folded in prayer as if she was anxious to keep this happiness to last. She looks a bit worried.
  • the man is staring into the sky, he seems to expect something new. His hand on her folded hands looks as if he wants to assure her that everything will be alright. He looks excited - the future is bright.
  • the children are walking in the distance, they look unguarded. The elder brother supports his sister.
  • the cups above their heads and the two rainbows seem to say: do not worry, everything will be alright.
Second, repeat this step but put your description in the "first person."

  • it may look as if I was supported by my man, but the more I look at the card, the more I tend to think I am supporting him. My hands are folded in prayer for I am anxious keeping this happiness to last. I do indeed look a bit worried.
  • I am staring into the sky, for I am expecting something new to arrive. My hand on her folded hands wants to assure to her that everything will be alright. I do look excited - the future is bright.
  • We are walking in the distance, we look unguarded. We support eachother
  • the cups above our heads and the two rainbows seem to say: do not worry, everything will be alright.

Third, relate a personal and real-life situation which involved similar feelings and qualities which you have just described.

Wow. This reminds me so much of family life in childhood days. I was the elder sister, always taking care of my younger brother, always suspecting to be unseen by our parents.
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So many people in this card, having so many emotions ー-ー! I tried to put them together, I hope I did well, and forgive me if my english isn't perfect (feel free to correct me!).

I am in a very grave and solemn enviroment, full of tension and anticipation. I am serious and attentive: this is the most important moment of my life, when all that I've done will determine what will be of me. In front of me, part of me feels captured by my reasoning, like I am the herald of a new era. Another part of me, though, is disapproving, looking coldly at me, like I have no right to judge myself. Still another part of me is already blissfully lost in prayers and hymns, unaware of my reasoning, and convinced that my soul his safe. Lastly, there is a part of me who feels hurt and is in pain, and looks at me trying to find a ray of hope.

Now, this kinda looks like what I am going through in this period, actually. I feel I am under judgement from myself, and I do not know how to feel about it.
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21 Ways - Steampunk

Step THREE - Steampunk (Moore) - 5 of Wands

**Note - I am doing these exercises in my handwritten journal and the transferring them here. I wrote the 'outside' view in my journal, and then verbally did the 1st person view. I'll write out just the 1st person version here.
I chose to do this from the perspective of the figure on the far right of my card.

I am feeling angry and defensive. These people appear to be mad at me. They seem aggressive and vengeful, as if I've done something wrong and they need me to pay for it. I believe I'm in the right but they don't see my point of view. I'm worried they never will, that I'll just have to keep defending myself.

The first experience like this that came to mind was a recent staff meeting. I can't get into details without breaking confidentiality, but I disagreed with a policy item that was brought up. I thought a different method would be better and so suggested it. My co-workers (whom I generally get along with very well, we make a great team), seemed shocked at my idea. They all quickly defended the policy as it was and things got quite heated. I tried explaining my reasoning but they wouldn't hear me out, just kept repeating why it was that way. I eventually backed down and felt quite defeated, and still feel I was in the right.
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Lightbulb Step THREE, Shadowscapes Tarot

Step THREE, Shadowscapes Tarot, Queen of Wands

Part 1:
Environment: In this card I can see a peaceful and calm environment. On the bottom there are seashells representing the Fibonacci sequence, the infinite possibilities. The tree is form from multiple dryads.
The Queen: On the centre of the image there is a queen fairy, playing the harp, feeling at ease. She belongs to the forest. Her face also has some fierce in it. She wants to be listened and the centre of attention.
Animals: The foxes are staring at the queen submissively. They are comfortable sitting with no intention to go away. The fairies on the other hand are fascinating but somehow staying against its nature. The birds are kind of enraged, maybe because they have been told to go anywhere else, away from their queen.

Part 2:
I知 the whole forest, resting as my Queen wish, listening to her with no worries on my mind. Just following the music.
I知 the foxes wanting to be one with our Queen. Trying to belong here.
I知 the birds, happy to follow the Queen wishes but angry to be having to stay far.
I知 the fairies, confused by the song, not knowing why are we here but not caring.
I知 the Queen, I know the forest is washing and I知 proud of my power. How everyone needs my approval and so I stay in the centre, playing my commands, happy of how this affects people.

Part 3:
I feel the Queen of Wand in this chest it痴 a card of calm leadership, not in a sense of boss/employee thing but in taking decisions that affect a group because they believe you値l chose the right thing. You have temporally the power.
A little and ordinary example, sometimes, hanging out with friends, you don稚 know where to go next and somehow they look at you to choose a place to go. You know they値l follow, they値l trust you値l pick it right thing.

Hope that makes sense to you, I知 pretty new with this.
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Step Three: Mandala Astrological Tarot--Cup Queen

Mandala Astrological Tarot: Cup Queen (Cancer Throne)

Part 1: The queen seems to feel comfortable and uplifted. She is at home. To her right is her emotional, caring, and empathetic friend, and to her left is her wise, insightful, and philosophical friend. The atmosphere is like stepping your toes in warm sand.

Part 2: I feel comfortable and uplifted. I feel at home. To my right is my emotional, caring, and empathetic friend, and to my left is my wise, insightful, and philosophical friend. I imagine this feeling to be like stepping my toes into warm sand.

Part 3: There was a time with one of my exs in which I felt very at home, and she was very uplifting to me. I felt beautiful and smart, and she reassured me that I was a good person. I remember thinking, "I'm happy where I am. I don't need anything else."
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Lucas Prince of Cats 

Rider-Waite, Moon
Madness and intuition, rising to a new level and penetrating the norm or this realm for or into a whole new one. Everything is being pulled, like as part of a natural current, and everything goes with this natural current.

I see beauty, but I as we'll feel the dark and mysterious, but I am curious. I feel and think things perhaps mad. Everything to me seems beautiful, graceful, and purposeful. This a moment of intuition.

I've been sitting realized, or outside in the night, really just in that kind of mode that's a little like being high, a little looser, but you're just comfortable, and I go for a stroll or sit through the night or in my room and focus on a certain thought or an idea, or just think or feel, and things come to me, ideas, images, and words.
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