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Tree of Life Poster?

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Tree of Life Poster?

Anyone know of a good site to pick up a big Tree of Life poster or artwork? Thanks!
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go to the B.O.T.A. Store.
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Ball of Doom

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Rachael pollack did a book on the tree of life and she has a poster in it.
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Normally has a bunch, but I'm fond of this one:
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It's best if you make your own (so they say). Problem is, you have to find out what colour "citrine" might be.
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Originally Posted by coyoteblack
Rachael pollack did a book on the tree of life and she has a poster in it.
Oh wow- I didn't realize that she had a whole book on the Tree of Life. I need to hunt that down! I just saw her Tree-of-Life spread description in the back of her book Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom. I just posted a thread in the Tarot Spreads area, trying to find anyone who is familiar with this particular (huge) spread. It's comprehensive if it's anything! I love it, though... just still trying to figure it all out.
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Ross G Caldwell 

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Originally Posted by Lleminawc
It's best if you make your own (so they say). Problem is, you have to find out what colour "citrine" might be.
I think it is best to make your own - especially from memory. As for the colours, I remember from somewhere that the names of the Golden Dawn colours on their colour scale actually refer to Winsor & Newton brand names of their (water?-) colours.

They still exist and are thriving, but I don't know if they call the colours by the same names any more.

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Yeah, paint your own - def. There is a color thread somewhere that has some info about how these colors (Similia noticing that mixing the colors somethimes doesnt work and me saying red and blue dont make green and purple doesnt exists) can be made and created and, yes Ross, the names can be confusing. I feel its all about keeping your sceme in the same tones.

Painting the enochian tablets is way cool and fun too!

The best part of learning comes about by hunting down all this stuff, including citrine.
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Citrine mixing

Citrine can be thought of as 'citrus - green', not quite green, not quite yellow, and has been grayed down a bit. Think of Margarita mix that's had a little bit of orange juice added to it. If you want to mix your own use lemon yellow hue and ultramarine in oils or azo yellow med. & ultramarine in acrylics. Try not use any white in your mixes! Just thin with water or medium.
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