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Vanessa Study Group proposal thread

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Grip Dellabonte 

Great questions, Hemera!

And great answers as well, blue_fusion!

Very interesting and fun reading.

Gotta go for a bit, folks. The county fair started this week. My daughter and I each entered a craft project for the first time ever (crocheted afghans)....Pop wants to take us and see how we did.

Be back soon!
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Keavy McGee 
Wowwee Zowwee!!!!

Fabulous, everyone!!

I had to step out for a midday commitment and I was so busy posting on here this morning that I was late leaving and didn't have time to tell you all I was flitting away!!

But now I'm back and so thrilled that Lyn dropped in on our little soiree...couldn't have been better timing!!

Thanks for all the great questions and all the great answers!! You all know how close this deck is to my heart and this is just more wonderful wonderful wonderful!!

I just feel like I could burst!!

What a great Saturday this has already been!!


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Bumping this thread as I see we are a "Study Group" now.

Maybe we should actually do something with our decks besides star gazing, eh? LOL

Anyone suggest an appropriate spread or exercise?
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I didn't see this before today, but I have lived and breath Vanessa Tarot for many years now, so I am going to add my interpretations of this deck, little by little this fall/vinter.
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