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Morgan Greer Favourite Card and Why?

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believer in magic
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The 4 of Swords is lovely too - the colours and those oakleaves - so restful.

I really like the 5 of Pentacles in the Morgan Greer - it often comes up when I'm doing readings for myself to do with my job (I'm a reflexoloist). I see healing in this card.


Sulis xx
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Little Baron  Little Baron is offline
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Little Baron 

Yes, I can see healing in it now that you have said; I never saw that in the RWS version. It is almost as if they are rejecting or running away from it in that depiction.

Thanks for the extra layer.

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psychic sue 

Ive only had my morgan greer a few days - my son gave it to me for my birthday with a lovely gold tarot bag! ahh!

My favourite has to be the High Priestess. Look at her gaze! All knowledge is in that face. I just feel so drawn to this card.

I think the whole deck is beautiful and its fast becoming my favourite. And of course it was given to me with love....
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Chubby Mummy 

The 2 of cups...I just love the way they look into each others eyes, like theyre speaking to each other through the heart...they know what they feel without saying much...
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The Lovers is my favorite card. . .but the deck is my favorite deck. It wasn't my first, I was gifted with it by a very dear friend. It was the deck that made tarot come to life for me. I love the borderless cards - the imagery on each just jumps out at me, and the use of primary colors adds a layer of symbolism to each card.
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autumn star 

Morgan Greer is my favourite deck

My favourite cards from the deck are ~ The Queen of Swords, The High Priestess, and the 3 of Cups ...

One of my favourites that no one else has mentioned ... is Judgement ... I love that card! The people look so free and happy ... I also quite like the Pentacle court cards ... with pretty autumn colors

edited to add - I also love the 8 of Cups ... one of my favourites ... and the 4 of Rods
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6 Haunted Days  6 Haunted Days is offline
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6 Haunted Days 

I have to say right off the top of my head that The Tower in this deck is stunning. My favourite thus far. The mix of colours and the shading done on the clouds and waves.

Strenght is usually not among my favourites but in this deck something about the colouring makes it gorgeous and very intuitive.

3 of Pentacles is striking, very calming and meditative.

The change in 4 of cups with the face peeking out of the Ivy is wonderful! It's among my favourites as well.
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I'd forgotten all about this thread. I also didn't realise that I've had my Morgan Greer for so long

Reading through this reminds me of why I love my Morgan Greer even if it isn't my primary reading deck anymore.

One of the little quirks I really liked with this deck and its not anything to do with reading it, is when you fan the cards out a little, face up and you get a volley of colours coming at you from the card edges.

You can really get deep into this deck with the colours, I'd never used colour symbolism before getting the Morgan Greer and yet now, I don't know how I'd read with a deck that didn't have colour in it. I could never read intuitively with MG but I think using the colours with basic RWS made a good compromise and made the deck come alive.
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Originally Posted by catti
the colours are different? how so ?

as for a favorite:
i have always liked the 9 of pentacles as a picture, the royal purple , the grapes
the queen of pentacles too has very nice colors of autumn and that stare into the future is inspiring

favorite major arcana would be a toss up , the chariot is very energetic and come out at you the sun is nice with the same energy but more introverted.
but what i like most about the deck is what some people dislike
\the simplicity of the design:no words no borders no deluge of esoteric riddles and ancient alphabets etc...
just pictures to make a story.
I agree with you. What I love about the deck is just pictures to make a story. I think this helps with tapping into your intuitive abilities.
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Card Reader/Fortune Teller
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9 of Pentacles. It's an artistically beautiful card. I just love it. I'd love to have a huge poster of it to put on my wall.
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