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AT Comparative Study - A - The Sun - 19

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The Merryday

What a delightful Sun Card!

We see here a scene of a little forest village. There are little fairys, a mermaid, a snail, unicorn in the village. The sun shines just above the water with the most loving look on it's face. The greyish clouds are behind the sun.

The trees are the homes are the trees. Theyhave little doors and windows on them. Everyone is getting along as if they are the best of friends. One little fairy sits on the edge of the stream, admiring the daffodils.


Living in harmony. Enjoying the little things in life. Loving your neighbor. The dawn of a new day. The beginning of good times.
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September Pixie 
Witchy Tarot

Symbolism & Imagery:
Girl riding a donkey.. donkey appears to be trying to throw the girl off.. girl looks rather worried, her witches hat is coming off.. she is wearing various shades of purple... the sky is orange and yellow with a large full sun with light flares coming out of it.. green, un kept grass on the ground.

First Impressions:
Uneasy transition (journey).. Spiritual connection (purple colors).. shaking off something.. abundance of energy

Well, the sun is like every other deck.. but the look on the girls face is troubling..

From The Book: Donkey
Clear ideas, power, success, truth, crucial, choice, communication, happiness, friendship, stubbornness.

Final Thoughts:
Again I pretty much agree with everything already said here.
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Emerald Cove 
Goddess Tarot

Symbolism & Imagery: Three women in different colored gowns dancing around as a man on is hourse is above them.

Initial Reactions: celabration, happy times,

From The Book: An expansive, life-affirming energy. Creativity. Relationships with children. Fertility. Love. Masculine, or yang, energy

Final Thoughts: I agree with what the book had said about it, as from the picture, and the book's discription pretty much says the same thing I had said.
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Symbology and imagery

This card shows an Egyptian woman in white robes and a green head-dress, standing with her arms apart and raised. Above her head is a brilliant red Sun and it's rays are pouring down on her. Either side of her are hieroglyphs

Compared to other decks

No real comparison, in my mind. Most other decks show either two people or chilldren. Not usually a woman alone.

Initail reaction

Because of her wide-spread arms, she appears to be worshipping the Sun - to me, and as with all worshipping it is a happy and fulfilling thing to do. She is gathering energy from the Sun.

LWB says

Happiness - The light, illuminaties those who are able to direct it and blinds those who abuse it. Harmony, sincerity, clarity, security, faithfulness and glory.

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Haindl - SUN

Bright Sun glowing on a clear Blue sky, Sky at the Horizon with Sunset Colors, Desert with some bushes and shrubs, Dry terrain with so much bumps, Fully-Bloomed Rose in the Foreground.

Perceived Interpretation:
A mixed feeling when you are in a little confused state as to whether to undertake the journey or not.
If you look at the terrain with the bushes, it looks exceedingly difficult and tiring with no where to go and the horizon looking like the sun is going to set, so forget about the journey and look for a safe place to stay before night or darkness comes.
If we are to look at the beautiful fragrant rose that bloomed from the same desert, we would be more excited in unravelling the beautiful things the desert has to offer in our journey. The joy and excitement of looking for great things among the ordinary looking shrubs in the desert gives us the belief that there is no ordinary things if we have the time to look for the beauty in them.

With the Sun shining bright ahead, we can happily go about the journey with joy and light without any worries about the darkness.

Interpretation of LWB:
Joy and Simplicity. Life is wonderful. Energy, Activity, Excitement, Optimism, Rational Approach, Confidence, Sexual Desire.
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That is such a beautiful interpretation prk001 that I am adding it to my tarot journal. I have this deck and really appreciate the new light you have shed on this card for me. Blessings, galadrial
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I agree with galadrial, prk001. I enjoyed your interpretation...sometimes when our own mood is a bit "dark" we reflect on different elements in the cards...that's one of the beauties of how these things "come forward."

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Hi galadrial and tmgrl2,
Thanks for your inputs on my interpretation.
I feel so happy that my interpretation was of use to you.
Your comments also gave me confidence in my ability. I think the confidence really helps when you are just a few months old beginner in the study.
Infact, I gave my first reading in the Readings exchange today.

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Quest - The Sun:

A bright sun with its soothing rays all over the card, A small hill in front a sea, A golden ring (with a diamond studded in it) surrounding the hill, Beautiful Green garden filled with bright Red Roses, 2 Butterflies and Two angels floating in the garden, All the different astrological signs floating around the hill in a circle.

Perceived Interpretation:
The sun spreading its soothing bright beams of light all over the garden and the hill and the sea makes it look like an enchanting and mystical land. I would love to be such a place with the fairies floating around waiting for a call from you for help. It looks like the butterflies are no longer looking for nectar in the flowers rather they look like they have transcended the need for nectar and are floating like the fairies enjoying the sunlight and the nature.
This place is a big dreamy land waiting for anyone to enter inside and savour its beauty and serenity. I can imagine the human beings being represented by the astrological signs. The sea from which the human beings arise is the physial world and the garden is the inner world. The hill that exists in between the Garden and the Sea acts as the veil between the two realms. Humans have to allow the sun to shine its rays on their inner self, so that the veil is removed from their eyes and only then they can see the beautiful/mystical/enchanting garden inside.
Once knowing the existense of the beauty inside, they can go back to world knowing their true self to lead a truly fulfilling life.
Let the Sun shine on your Inner self to know yourself truly.

Interpretation of the Book:
Everything is beautiful. You have your Health, Money and Recogntion. You have the clarity for new invention and the energy to see it through. Keep it simple and enjoy. Relax and Dance. Increased Sexual Desire.
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Tarot of the Master

This is the first deck to have partially illustrated Minors, before RWS, from 1893.

Imagery - This card is different from others I've seen. A presumably Greek/Roman young man draped only in a cape swirling around him and capped with a laurel wreath bows a viola-looking instrument. Behind in high in the sky is a golden sun with rays and on the ground is a sheaf of wheat wrapped with a blue ribbon. Another blue ribbon is curled behind the young man. He's wearing open-toed boots in red and green with gold.

Keyword - Inspiration

From LWB - "A neoclassical Apollo depicted as a patron of the Arts. Standing near the grain, fruit of the earth, he emphasizes the creative power of the sun and light."

Symbolism - Apollo is traditionally, in alchemy and mythology, the symbolic and spiritual embodiment of the Sun.

Impressions - The sun is also related to joy and life. Vegetative growth, flowering, and maturity/harves (as in the grain) rely on the sun's energy. The imagery on this version indicates to me more of a sense of fruition than usual in the music and wheat, and the fact of a grown person represented instead of children. Seems that all the traditional interpretations of the sun apply here too, so can't think of anything else to add that hasn't already been said by others.
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