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An Observation on the Tree of Life...

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There's a new Kabbalah idiot in town....

Today, I decided to read a little bit. I even started a journal.

I got it! Only a little teeny tiny itsy bitsy eeney meeney bit of it, but I got it.

Here is what I have read from my Gill tarot book, thanks Mlle. Gill, and everyone on the forum should write and thank her too, because you will now be spared my continued attempts to sound intelligent (roflmao) on this forum.

The Tree (we tarotists use) is a picture, a lifelong snapshot, that transcends time and space I think, of personal, spiritual development. We travel the tree from 10-Ace on the Minors and back again (I think) thru the Majors. I understand that this journey is not linear. I understand that this journey encompasses perhaps multiple trees simultaneously, and I understand that I am clinging to the Tree at this moment sweating profusely and using profanity. So, while I am not living in virtue right now I am alive and on the journey.....If I see you climbing your Tree I will try to wave, however I can't promise much right now.

I resist the urge to say more. I think I will shut up now altogether. I will however offer up the sound that Bruce Lee made an effort to show my absolute joy at discovering how I was able to embarass myself on the same day that I recognized my blunders.

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On the wall in the room adjacent my office is a 3-D model of the Tree I mention (about 2 metres high) - not the whole Platonic model, but only the 'top' bit of the 3-D part I link above.

To view the Tree as multiple Trees is wonderful analogy, elf. In some ways, each part, as a hologram, may indeed contain the whole...

With regards to the site about 'little machine designs', I have never visited such... would be interesting (but probably also quite time-consuming).

In terms of 'originality of thought' I have at times been struck (and in my younger years disappointed) when what I assumed was original I eventually read, though perhaps in differing form, elsewhere. In some ways, our modern ideal of individuality is quite in contrast to the mediaeval mindset, where depth and perceptive thought was viewed all the more highly when recognised in other respected authors and views.

Yet, each time we, as individuals, enter into a thought, there is a way in which it may become, again (so to speak), alive - and it is this liveliness which to me is the importance of originality, for each instance of liveliness, of different individuals re-entering the realm of thought, differing perspectives, differing aspects, are given life anew.

The various perspectives are as the description of various blind men describing their sense of an elephant ('a large leaf', 'a tree trunk', 'a snake', etc.). Each is aportioned its relative metaphoric correctness.

The multi-dimensionality of the Tree of Life is, to me, such an example. In some ways, it is not so much the representation which is 'altered', but the various ways in which it becomes understood and reflected in depictions.

One of the 3-dimensional representations which comes to mind is from a meditative 'spontaneous' work of a friend of mine done in the 80s, in which, whilst reflecting on the a representation as described by the RAB'D's school in the 12th century, he saw like a pool of a pond, in which a gold pebble precipitated from the heavens. As it hit the centre of the pool, ripples emerged (as per the depiction linked a little earlier). He then allowed his hand to plunge into the centre and into the depths to retrieve this golden pebble, and as it emerged, the whole Tree, in its more usual style representation, lifted with it, robing itself with the rippling waters into shape.
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Join Date: 20 Aug 2001
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Posts: 8,103

Thank you jmd. You are kind.

I'm just off to bed and caught your post.
I heard once that Spirit, God, whatever, tries to get information thru to us so She sends Her ideas to many people in the hopes that some one of us would get the idea out to the masses.

In that light, I like to entertain the idea that even though it was not me, or perhaps you, who got "that" idea out to the masses, somehow we connected to divinity in such a way as to have actually heard a bit of a Whisper.

Now maybe I just amuse myself with that thought process, or delude myself, but it is nice to think about sometimes....
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if you were standing in the middle of it, with the yellow sepiroth soler plexus is, the other balls are the directions your arms and hands point,

body language!!
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