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Frolic with the Fey

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Join Date: 05 Nov 2001
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I'm sorry, Lunalafey, I meant justice, not judgement.
The reading surprised me because it hinted at shadow- work, though the info with the cards suggests they were about joy, and did not contain shadows. I found the justice card to be really original in its depiction, and it will take lots of thinking to get through the layers.
I'll jump on to the other thread and share my thoughts on 7 swords.
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Join Date: 10 Nov 2002
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Thumbs up I love Fey!

I just got my Fey too. I love it. I feels so good in my hands and all the purple (which has been my favorite color for as long as remember) is just perfect. I felt an instant attachment to the deck and could spend hours just studying it. So, needless to say I am very interested in a study group. However, I am sooo busy I don't know how much I will contribute but I will be reading as much as possible.

My new deck reading was:

what will you teach me?: 6 of chalices
what must I do?: wheel
what will our relationship be like?: 10 of pentacles

6 of pent.
it will teach me how to reach happiness and give new ideas and new perspectives and how to move beyond my past.

I must except that life is a changing entity with ups and downs and that I am not always in control. I will learn to give things time.

10 of penticles:
our relationship will be one of joy and fulfillment.

Looks good to me. Just what I need.

Any comments?
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Red face patience wasn't a virtue of mine...

Well.. with deepest apologises.. especially to lunalafey, Redwood, and to azuremariposa... they don't have to listen to me whine and moan any longer. But I do thank you guys for being the teasing bunch you are and listening to my whines.

My copy finally came in this afternoon. I'm extremely happy. I sat in the parking lot of the post office and tore into the wrapped boxes like it was my first birthday. I felt so silly. I sat in the car for a good 30min ooh'ing and ah'ing over the lush cards.

So thanks for those being patient with me.. since I wasn't.

I hope to enjoy this forum right along with you.

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Join Date: 22 Mar 2002
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Your story is very much like mine, but I was on my way to work so I only had a few seconds......Heehee.....
Jump right in to the group, it's been quiet so you have plenty of time to look all around fellow Fey fan!
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Join Date: 11 Jun 2003
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Me too

Hi All,

New here and just wanted to add my 2 cents worth.
This is the first deck that called to me other than the deck I started with (Thoth). I have picked up several decks since I have had my Thoth and put them down almost as quickly.

I always took that as a sign that it was not time. This Fey deck is just so sweet, what a difference. Although I have looked at all the cards, I have spent the weekend studying the Major Arcana only. Didn't feel like it was time to move on yet.

From that I did my first reading:

Past: World
Present: Wheel
Future: Judgement

Nice reading I think.
Tonight I venture past the Majors into the Minors.

It is nice to find this forum. I was looking for a group to study Fey with and am glad to have found it.

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Join Date: 22 Mar 2002
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'nother Fey fan & WELCOME to the forums!!!!
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Join Date: 10 Nov 2002
Location: Michigan, U.S.A.
Posts: 158

Welcome! I look forward to hearing your insights. Isn't the Fey a fantastic deck.
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Join Date: 22 Mar 2002
Location: in a CAve up in the hills
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Fey holders

Hey.....the Fey SG has a new look......
calling all Fey fans!......please hop in !!!!
we want you thoughts......
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Join Date: 30 Apr 2003
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Hello all -

I am a new fey fan here. Love reading this forum and decided to jump in and join the fun.

I didn't know you could ask your deck what kind of relationship you'll have with it. I love that! I've been using my fey for a short while, but decided to go ahead and ask it what it has in store for me anyway. Here's what I got:

What will you teach me? Justice
hmmm, discernment, responsibility, discovering truth

What must I do? The Seer
self knowledge, study, concentration, learning

What will our relationship be like? Queen of Pentacles (same as you, Maan).

Ok, so looks like the fey will be a good tool for me use in my development of tarot. Good deal. Comments?

lunafey - I too love the depiction of the Wheel of Fortune. What a brilliant interpretation of this card.

that's all for now!

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pirate borealis
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Laura Borealis 

Reading all this, I cannot wait to get my Fey deck!

I decided to get it after seeing the art on the Lo Scarabeo site and the reviews they link to. The imagery is so playful. Of the cards I could see on the web, not one turned me off, and several drew me right in.

The Wheel -- what a wonderful interpretation. It brought me right back to childhood, and the intricate constructions I used to make with my siblings out of wooden blocks, shells and stones, sticks and pinecones. Spirals are favorite symbols of mine as well.

The Fool card delighted me with his silly, puzzled expression, looking into the pumpkin's face almost as if it's a mirror (or the skull in Hamlet - alas, poor Jack, I knew him well!) I immediately noticed the keyhole in the Fool's crown. I think he carries the key that unlocks his own psyche.

Several of the cards reminded me of favorite narrative fiction. Death as a sweet-faced, punky woman recalls Neil Gaiman's Death in his Sandman series. The floating Tower evoked images from Miyazaki's Laputa: Castle in the Sky, and the Four of Swords, daubing her face with blood, strongly reminded me of fierce San in Princess Mononoke. I don't know that the creators had any of these sources in mind at all (though Miyazaki's films are imo among the best of all anime, and anime is clearly an influence). But it's enough that there is a connection for me.

Ahhh.... can't wait to get my hands on the real deal! I envy all of you!
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